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Xbox Newsbeat 25-31 October 2014

Awesomepocalypse Now! Sunset Overdrive Now Available!

The Awesomepocalypse is here

We hope you like the smell of Overcharge Delirium XT in the morning because the wait is over! Sunset Overdrive launched this week, so get ready to jump into a stylised world of insane weaponry, hyper agility and over-the-top action. You can now pick up or download your copy of Sunset Overdrive from select retailers, including your local Microsoft and the Xbox Store on Xbox One. Fans who haven’t made the leap into the new generation of gaming can also get in on the action with the Xbox One Special Edition Sunset Overdrive Bundle, which features the sleek new white console, white controller and the Day One Digital Edition of Sunset Overdrive, and is available at select retailers today. To celebrate the launch of Sunset Overdrive, Xbox and Insomniac Games invited fans to participate in the most explosive game launch ever – literally. After blowing up a stack of Overcharge cans, creating a real-life “BOOM” cloud and detonating a giant pile of TNTeddies, we tallied the final votes from fans to decide the object of the finale explosion – a Fizzie parade balloon or the Mutant Transportation Vehicle. See the video in the link below for the explosive results!

Enjoy the game, and we’ll see you all online!

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Check Out the Gorgeous Halo 2: Anniversary Trailer

A brand-new trailer for you to feast your eyes and ears on before the release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection

To celebrate the upcoming November 11 release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, we’ve got a brand-new trailer for you to feast your eyes and ears on, showcasing some scenes from the coolest cinematics in Halo 2: Anniversary. These were created and put together by our friends at Blur Studios, one of the most talented visual effects companies in the world. You may not know the name, but you’ve undoubtedly seen their amazing work in world-class video game trailers for everything from the Star Warsseries to the Batman: Arkham games. Click that play button in the video link below, and be dazzled. The next chapter in your Halo journey begins soon, and you can get ready by pre-ordering and pre-downloading Halo: The Master Chief Collection today. Tune into HaloFest If you’re excited for Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s November 11 launch on Xbox One, join us on November 11 for HaloFest. This will be your only chance to see the Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta ahead of its December launch, your first chance to see the world premiere of episode one of the Halo: Nightfall series, and you’ll be able to watch exclusive interviews with the minds behind Halo at 343 Industries. Join in all of the HaloFest festivities on Xbox Live,, or on our official Twitch channel beginning 2 p.m. Australian time. Be sure to tune in, beginning on Nov. 8-9 with the Halo: The Master Chief Collection Launch Invitational, presented by ESL, followed by the HaloFest broadcast at 2 p.m. Australian time on Nov. 11. Enlist now to tune in to this livestream event!

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A Deeper Extended Look at the Time-Bending Gameplay of Quantum Break

Time amplified gameplay with a full and extended version of the demo featuring new, unreleased gameplay

Time stood still as Remedy Entertainment Creative Director Sam Lake unveiled Quantum Break gameplay in action for the first time live at Gamescom 2014. This week, Sam and the team return to showcase the time amplified gameplay with a full and extended version of the demo featuring new, unreleased gameplay. The Quantum Break video provides a walkthrough of the game, highlighting its rich storyline and action-packed time amplification features:

  • Listen in as Sam paints the picture of the bridge scene where our hero Jack Joyce must sneak past Monarch eyes in order to rendezvous with Quantum Break’s other lead character Beth Wilder.
  • Discover the story behind Jack’s “special time powers,” and how his once-best-friend Paul Serene became his mortal enemy.
  • Learn about the different time amplified gameplay features as Sam describes their uses for navigating the action-packed world of Quantum Break.

Quantum Break leads the new generation of interactive entertainment and will come exclusively to Xbox One in 2015.

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Remaking the Legend – Halo 2: Anniversary Documentary on Saturday, November 1

Stay tuned to the Xbox Wire for the full documentary and more

When 343 Industries set out to create Halo: The Master Chief Collection, they faced a unique challenge. A decade after the original release of Halo 2, fans of the Halo franchise held a special place in their hearts for the title. As the team at 343 celebrated the franchise’s rich history and the evolving story of the Master Chief, another story began to unfold – the story of how 343 Industries and their partners around the world would work to bring Halo 2 to a new generation while honouring its fabled past. “How do you remake a title that is so beloved by fans?  How do you decide what must stay the same and what can be updated?  It takes an army to build any game and we realised this process was one that the Halo Nation rarely gets a glimpse into,” said Tina Summerford, Director of Programming for 343 Industries. “We hit the road to capture the process from top to bottom, talking to all of the key players who helped bring Halo 2: Anniversary into the next gen and giving our fans unprecedented access to this process.”

Throughout the game’s development 343 Industries travelled the world, capturing the perspectives of 343’s expansive team of creative partners, Halo fans, pro players, and industry experts to tell the story behind the story millions know and love.  With over four-hundred hours of footage and more than 80 interviews, they had what they needed to complete their story. “We made some pretty important discoveries along the way,” said Summerford. “As we got deeper into the project, we realized we couldn’t talk about Halo 2’s impact on the industry without telling the story of Halo’s origins.  It’s pretty awesome to hear the original team from Bungie talk about the beginning of this franchise and it’s something we think both new and old fans will appreciate”. The documentary includes never-before-seen story elements and footage from Halo 2: Anniversary and features interviews with high-profile Halo contributors Bonnie Ross, Frank O’Connor, Dan Ayoub, and Phil Spencer, as well as members of the original Halo 2 team – writer Joseph Staten, multiplayer designer Max Hoberman, and composer Marty O’Donnell.  It also goes behind-the-scenes with the many artistic contributors on the title, including voice actor Keith David and guitar legend Steve Vai.  And now, starting on November 1, Halo fans around the world will have their first chance to see the complete documentary chronicling this incredible journey.  Download the full feature for free on Xbox Video, watch it on the Halo Channel on Nov. 11, or tune in for special airings on at the following times:

  • Saturday, Nov. 1 at 5 am Australian time
  • Sunday, Nov. 2 at 12 pm Australian time
  • Monday, Nov. 3 at 12 pm Australian time

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