Published on December 18th, 2023 | by Adrian Gunning

Xbox ANZ close out 2023 with over $10K of PC Game Pass giveaways up for grabs

Through the week of 18 December, Xbox ANZ are partnering with some of the top streamers in Australia to showcase some of their favourite games and genres to play on PC Game Pass. Across the week, the streamers will be doing a variety of giveaways to their viewers who will have the chance to win several packs to be won with a combined prize pool of over $10,000 AUD.

Throughout the week AlsoMij, AussieAntics, Bajo, Develique, Jenz, Luminumn, and Nicktacula will all join in on the fun, offering up PC Game Pass codes to fans who tune in and win their respective giveaways. Fans will also have the chance to win a collection of PC gaming peripherals to complement their new library of games – including keyboards, gaming mice and headsets so you can dive straight into the action!

Be sure to check out the stream schedule below and tune in for your chance to win your own PC Game Pass subscription, and so much more:

  • Develique: Monday, 18 December, 7 PM AEDT
  • Luminumn: Tuesday, 19 December, 4 PM AEDT
  • AlsoMij: Tuesday, 19 December, 6 PM AEDT
  • Jenz: Wednesday, 18 December, 5:30 PM AEDT
  • Nicktacula: Wednesday, 20 December, 8:30 PM AEDT
  • Bajo: Thursday, 21 December, 6 PM AEDT
  • AussieAntics: Friday, 22 December, 5 PM AEDT

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