Published on June 19th, 2024 | by Howard Smith

X-Men #35 Review

End of an Era and New Beginnings

The Krakoa Era has come to an end, but not so much as a massive battle as the deciding factor, but rather a reflection of the many tribulations mutants have endured over the years. X-Men #35 is the final epilogue to a long tale since 2021 and with this ending comes new adventures over the horizon. Charles and Magneto have a heart-to-heart just after Wolverine attempts to assassinate Charles during a military transport. Krakoa returns, but it’s much different than it once was. Apocalypse seeks to guide mutantkind again but is met with opposition through force and reasoning. With Jean combined with the Phoenix, she does more good than harm. Meanwhile, X-Men teams split off taking refuge in their own base of operations while Charles makes a shocking surprise.

The Krakoa Age started in 2021, and mutantkind has been through many hardships since then. With their fair share of villains, betrayals, partners, upheavals, and losses it’s safe to say the best possible solution for every mutant to live on with their lives was through this singular massive comic book. Culminating everything the X-Men have been through from 2021 Gerry Duggan (Venomverse Reborn, Trails of X), Al Ewing (Absolute Carnage, Empyre), and Kieron Gillen (Once & Future, DIE) not only celebrate a milestone of the 700th issue of Uncanny X-Men but also centers X-Men #35 as the shift towards a new start. The collective mindset that each writer has given this comic book gives X-Men another new avenue to explore rather than be stagnant and confined to the idea of staying put in one place forever. As likely as it is to stay safe from a distance due to humans still having a disdainful approach, mutants still need to grow and move on after stressful life changes. The writers skillfully wove together a story that not only takes a step back to add new information but moves forward to indicate what was lost cannot be returned and must be built another way. Moreover, having Magneto finally accept his true name after so long trying to reconcile with his past serves as a legitimate turning point for his character. The ending to this series offers a surmountable display of closure, which for the X-Men couldn’t have been any better.

Comparatively, the artwork for X-Men #35 was illustrated by a plethora of artists who have been vital to the storytelling of X-Men. With an all-star group of illustrators contributing to one comic book, the artwork was immensely powered by various art styles that didn’t disrupt the overall story. The art style would change from one type to the next depending on what page the reader is on. Although this is a milestone, it’s important to appreciate the work these artists put into composing the visuals showcased in the comic book. Sometimes the artwork changes in a few pages, capturing the awesome transitions between artists and their contributions. While some fans might not agree this was the right decision for Marvel to publish a book this big with so many artists within, the realization is that each of these artists had a hand in making this series come to life and prosper as long it could run for. These artists gave their time and dedication to something worth building, giving fans an X-Men story they had never witnessed before. Their line work for this comic book proved to be an entertaining ride.

The coloring work provided by the artists for this comic book made the story worthwhile to read. X=Men #35 was once again graced with a lot of talented artists from various books (integral to X-Men storylines). Due to its massive stature, this X-Men story was endowed with comic book coloring experts. With the idea of capturing what’s needed to convey the story, the coloring work each artist has provided cannot be underappreciated. Uniquely, the artwork is complemented by the sheer effort and concentration it took for the colorists to breathe life into the pages of the comic book.

Tasked with a huge commitment, Clayton Cowles (Acts of Evil, Batman ’89) letters an over 80-page epilogue filled with many different artists in one place. Balancing where the captions, sound effects, and word balloons would go based on the panel positions couldn’t have been easy for Cowles, but clearly, it was handled perfectly.

The cover art to X-Men #35 by Pepe Larraz (Star Wars, Daredevil) and Marte Gracia (Dark Wolverine, Fear Itself) venerates and acknowledges that this era of mutantkind has come to an end. The best way to show how far these mutants have come from their early beginnings to now couldn’t be clearer. Fashioned with a white background, the cover gives fans both new and old a reminiscence of the final image of this era.

Overall, the comic book was hugely important to a long-standing series that has been going on since 2021. X-Men #35 ends on a new path for the mutants that readers adore. It’s a nice ending point that even newer readers can read before the new series starts. This comic book ended with a glint of hope for most mutants and it’s interesting where this will lead to. As this issue sets up many books, the X-Men will return. Check out this comic book at your local comic book store or online where copies are sold. See you soon in…From The Ashes.

Comic Details

Writers: Gerry Duggan, Al Ewing, Kieron Gillen

Artists: Joshua Cassara, Phil Noto, Lucas Werneck, Leinil Francis Yu, Walter Simonson, Mark Brooks, John Romita Jr., Scott Hanna, Jerome Opena, Luciano Vecchio, Stefano Caselli, and Sara Pichelli

Color Artists: Romulo Fajardo Jr., Phil Noto, David Curiel, Laura Martin, Sonia Oback, Marcio Menyz, Matt Hollingsworth, and Matthew Wilson

Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles

Cover Artists: Pepe Larraz, Marte Gracia

Editor: Jordan D. White

Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

Release Date: June 5th, 2024

Rating: 4/5

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