Published on April 5th, 2024 | by Howard Smith

X-Men #33 Review

X-Men #33 Review Howard Smith

Summary: Duggan’s storytelling holds strong in a positive direction.


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War of the Mutants

The mutant invasion gets crazy in X-Men #33 and the excitement is revving up exponentially.  The X-Men have finally had enough and taken preventive measures to ensure this invasion goes smoothly and effectively in their favor. Having destroyed Orchis’s satellite and sent it plummeting out of orbit thanks to Polaris, the mutant’s grand rise begins earlier than expected. With Emma at the helm of telepathically linking every mutant in her range, she can coordinate an attack not even Orchis is prepared for. Wolverine gets some classic bloody action and Callisto finds herself tied up by Reavers. Thankfully, Shadowcat bails her out. Ms. Marvel calls for backup and Cyclops has his problems with Nimrod, who reveals the truth of what the true intentions of this war were designed for.

Events from other X-Men books intertwine and Gerry Duggan (Fall of the House of X, Marauders, Nova) weaves those intersecting moments into X-Men #33 that another bigger plan comes into fruition. Granted, a lot has been happening across most X-Men books, but because this comic book serves as one of the main plots of this story it’s important to understand the progression that Mutants have made thus far. Duggan addresses the elephant in the room that this is war. If mutants are to win, they must be willing to set up traps and win by any means necessary. Moreover, he commits to connecting other books to this one to bridge those gaps where it might seem odd or out of place to randomly have something brought up or appear in a scene. Less bloody than the last issue, Duggan wants the readers or fans to understand that if you weren’t reading the other books adjacent to this it might be time to give them a read to fully grasp the magnitude transpiring in this one. Nonetheless, Duggan’s storytelling holds strong in a positive direction, and it might be a story that will ultimately define the future of the X-Men.

Visually, Joshua Cassara’s (Wolverine, Sins of Sinister) work on X-Men #33 was nothing short of astonishing detail. His art style is optically pleasing to not only observe but also take in while reading the comic book. There’s something about Cassara’s illustrations that makes the characters in the comic book appealing and sharp.

Comparably, Romulo Fajardo Jr.’s (Action Comics, Astonishing X-Men) contribution as the colorist is stunningly satisfying. X-Men #33 has color pallets that do not go unnoticed by readers who intend to read this new release. The comic book itself has a refreshing feeling to it with the way Fajardo Jr. colored the contents of the visual art. The intensity of the colors used by Fajardo Jr. helped the overall story stand out nicely. Equally important, Clayton Cowles (A+X, All-New Ultimates) did a fantastic duty in making sure the dialogue and sound effects were in sync with the flow of the comic book. Cowles’s lettering placement and use of instinct to place sound effects where they won’t obstruct the story proved to be well-placed positions.

The cover art by Joshua Cassara and Guru-eFX (The Avengers, Captain America, Battle Scars) captures the meaning of what an X-Men book is supposed to look like. It’s full of surprising detail and spectacular awe.

Overall, X-Men #33 is worth reading and it is part of the main story so it’s a must-read to understand what’s going on. It’s leading into something bigger and badder but the cliffhanger that it left on can only be another obstacle for the X-Men. Where’s Magneto when you need him? Anyway, be sure to pick this comic book up at your local comic shop or purchase this comic book online where copies are sold. Don’t miss this one!

Writer: Gerry Duggan

Artist: Joshua Cassara

Color Artist: Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles

Cover Artists: Joshua Cassara, Guru-eFX

Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

Release Date: 4/3/2024

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