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X-Men #30 Review

X-Men #30 Review Howard Smith

Summary: Not what you expect to happen, but it happens so fast it's unexpected.


Worth a read!


The fugitive X-Men team of Synch and Talon, Tony Stark, Golden Goblin, Spider-Man, and Ms. Marvel devise a plan to somehow rid humanity of the laced drugs Doctor Stasis had weaved into his plans that took down the grace of the mutant population. Establishing a think tank of minds that are willing to solve the upper hand Orchis has on them with the laced drugs, Spider-Man proposes an idea so crazy that Synch comes to the realization there might be one singular weapon capable of curing humanity all at the same time. The only problem with this is the device needed to secure the freedom of humanity lies in the hands of the High Evolutionary. In X-Men #30, Synch and Talon will have to travel to Counter-Earth to retrieve it. However, they are far from welcomed by the High Evolutionary and his daughter, Luminous. A battle ensues, but who will be victorious in the end?

Gerry Duggan (1872, Infinity Wars) continues to write about the perils the X-Men are facing with Orchis and their oppressiveness of the mutantkind. While Duggan progresses the story, he takes a moment to focus on the love interest between Synch and Talon. This doesn’t occur right away in the comic book because readers are first introduced to Cyclops waking up in an Orchis black sight facility telling a shrink about his supposed dream with Jean Grey. The doctor however thinks he’s psychologically unfit for the sham trial set out for him, but Cyclops knows he’s never apart from Jean even in death. This all says that Duggan knows how to start a comic book with anticipated foreshadowing. X-Men #30 delves a little more into the relationship Talon and Synch has while also addressing that they have a big problem of helping humanity escape their unknowingly demise from the mutant drugs. Not only do readers get to see what these two have been up to since their time in the vault, but the kind of deal they struck with the High Evolutionary to procure the future of mutantkind. Plus, there is a snippet of Firestorm and Tony discussing how too far she has been undercover now, but it could do well even without that part mentioned.

As the artist of X-Men #30, Phil Noto (Artifacts, Birds of Prey, Batman) performs great work on the interior display of the comic book. His pencil work does wonders for bringing Duggan’s storytelling skills to fruition. The use of colors, inks, and character placement make the comic book enjoyable to read. The effective use of panels for each page allows readers to grasp the flow of the story without feeling lost or confused about the pacing. As for the utilization of spacing, Noto did not waste any of the space within the pages and panels. Meaningfully, Noto illustrates with purpose, so no art was used unnecessarily to fill space. Noto’s artistic style works for this point in time for the X-Men struggle to be set free from their oppressors.

The lettering in X-Men #30 by Clayton Cowles (Aquaman, Avengers) is solid work. As this issue may be a little wordy, Cowles takes on the challenge with stride. His sound effects within the comic book are a wonderful edition.

Comparatively, Joshua Cassara (The Sentry) and Marte Gracia (All-New X-Men) grace this comic book with fantastic cover art. The cover draws in the enticing potential of what could happen if Synch and Talon face off with the High Evolutionary and his Ani-men. It reels in the want to read what’s inside of the book.

Overall, X-Men #30 is worth reading due to understanding the device they are going to use to free the human population and a tragic event that happened with the High Evolutionary. Readers shouldn’t miss out on what happens in this book. Be sure to purchase this comic book at your local comic book store or online where copies are sold.

Comic Details

Writer: Gerry Duggan

Artist: Phil Noto

Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles

Cover Artist: Joshua Cassara, Marte Gracia

Editor: Jordan D. White

Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

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