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X-Force #1 Review (Vol.6)

X-Force #1 Review (Vol.6) Rebel Robertson

Summary: It’s well designed and drawn with a somewhat decent story



This story follows Domino, Wolverine, Beast, Black Tom Cassidy, Kitty Pryde, Jean Grey, Sage, Healer, and Professor X. #1 opens in a conference room type setting, with anti-mutant activists, and/or leaders of humankind. Within the first fourteen panels we see Domino has infiltrated this council and lays the smack down for the next four panels, until she’s brought down by a mountain of a man. Using her DNA, a group of commandos get through Krakoa’s defenses, and a battle ensues. At the end we are left wondering if a mutant has died.

Artists Joshua Cassara and Dean White have done a marvelous job with this comic with a mixture of old and new school styles. Over the years we have seen many renditions of the X-Men characters. But I feel this one has stayed true to the original concept, with a few exceptions. The panels are well designed and easy to decipher. With the addition of the X-Force documents sprinkled in there, it gives it more of an official feel and additional background to the story, so props to the design artist Tom Muller.

Final Thoughts?

So, in conclusion, X-Force # 1 is a solid comic. With some areas lacking, the story in itself is good but some of the lines are on the corny side. I can either read #2 or not, but I do give it the benefit of the doubt, and I’m willing to keep reading Vol. 6 in the hopes that the writing picks up.


Writer: Benjamin Percy

Artist: Joshua Cassara

Color Artist: Dean White

Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna

Design: Tom Muller

Head of X: Jonathan Hickman


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