Published on August 4th, 2023 | by Adrian Gunning

World of Warships welcomes the return of Azur Lane content

World of Warships, the leading naval battle multiplayer game from publisher and developer Wargaming, has launched a brand new wave of Azur Lane content including new commanders and ships as well as an exciting themed adventure offering unique rewards.

This is the fifth content drop as part of the partnership with the hit naval roleplaying game Azur Lane. Alongside the addition of fan-favourite commanders, the “Azur Lane: Fifth Wave” Adventure brings new combat missions where players can earn the permanent Azur Lane camouflage and flag as rewards for completing their objectives.

Azur Lane is a nautical-themed side-scrolling shooter game developed by Manjuu and Yongshi and published by Yostar. With over 400 ships based on different nations from World War II to choose from, players can progress through levels as they command a fleet of humanoid warships.


When: The Azur Lane Port will unlock in World of Warships onFriday 4 August 7:00am AEST – 7 September 2023 7:00am AEST


  • A themed adventure on the high seas
    • Get into the action with an Azur Lane themed adventure! With the newly added Commanders Prinz Heinrich, Cheshire, Colorado, and the return of Dunkerque, players can complete combat missions to unlock some special rewards including a permanent camouflage for Dunkerque, a dedicated flag and Commander Dunkerque.
  • Prized content in the Premium Shop and Armoury
    • Waiting in the Premium Shop and Armour are a slew of Containers, ship bundles and other content to add to a player’s arsenal. Waiting inside are Azur Lane Prinz Heinrich, a Premium cruiser, as well as Azur Lane Cheshire, representing the Royal Navy. Three themed permanent camouflages will be added for Roon, Saint-Louis, and Neptune.
    • Alongside these ships, players can unlock a special United Fleet bundle that contains both these ships and their Commanders, as well as the ships and Commanders for several more well-known Azur Lane characters. This bundle also rewards collectors with a bundle-exclusive pristine white Ship, Azur Lane Aurora.
  • A brand new Collection and plenty of Containers
    • As a part of this collaboration, World of Warships welcomes three Azur Lane Containers to unlock, as well as a Premium Azur Lane: Battle Maidens of the Sea Container. Packed with rewards, the collection of three standard Containers contribute towards a themed Collection. Waiting at the end of the collection are themed special flags and Commander Azuma, boasting 10 skill points
  • Dressed for battle with permanent camouflages
    • To have these vessels in ship-shape for combat, Azur Lane also brings plenty of permanent camouflages which can be found in random bundles, alongside plenty of expendable economic bonuses, Credits, Free XP, and Elite Commander XP. On top of that, players will get 2,500 Doubloons as compensation for each permanent camouflage in their possession.

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