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World of Warships celebrates the Year of the Dragon with the Lunar New Year event

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, World of Warships delivers a new event with a special content creator collaboration, changes to submarines, the return of Airship Escort and much more

6th February 2024 – Wargaming, the publisher and developer of the leading naval battle MMO World of Warships, is celebrating the Year of the Dragon with plenty of fiery content for Lunar New Year! Featuring a brand-new Lunar New Year Event Pass that features two progression lines, players can dive into a special collaboration with content creator TheRussianBadger. This jam-packed update also sees submarine and anti-submarine warfare changes, the return of Airship Escort, and a new campaign featuring USS Enterprise.

Celebrate Lunar New Year in World of Warships

To usher in the year of the dragon, World of Warships has introduced a brand-new Event Pass to commemorate the occasion. Packed with two progression lines split across 20 levels each, players can unlock an array of rewards, including Lunar Warrior camouflages, Commanders, special containers, flags, economic bonuses and more!

Of the progression lines available, one line features content made in collaboration with popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer, TheRussianBadger. Rewards include a beautifully designed CLAWSTROPHOBIC commemorative flag, a special TheRussianBadger Commander equipped with a unique voiceover, and the USS LOBSTERMINATOR permanent camouflage for New Mexico.

Submarines and Anti-Submarine Warfare Updates

February’s update also brings a plethora of changes to improve interactions between submarines. Submarines and surface ship Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) will be receiving refreshes, with certain lines receiving the “Depth Charge Airstrike” consumable, and the “Submarine Surveillance” consumable.

Collision warning messages will now also appear for submerged submarines. If players are within two kilometres of another underwater submarine they will be notified, even if the enemy vessel cannot be visibly seen. Additionally, the turning circle radius of all submarines has been improved, allowing players to manoeuvre and reposition themselves with ease in the heat of battle.

The return of Airship Escort and a new campaign for USS Enterprise

Airship Escort lands back in the game as a temporary game type for two weeks. Running from 23 February (AEDT), two teams of 12 will work together to guide their allied airship to its designated destination, all while protecting it from opponents. Victory can be achieved either by reaching the terminus or eliminating every enemy vessel off the battlefield.

Rounding out World of Warships’ February update is a special event dedicated to Tier VIII premium aircraft carrier USS Enterprise. Running for six weeks, Enterprise: The Grey Ghost Campaign gives players the opportunity to advance through mission chains, earning various rewards such as a USS Enterprise flag, Grey Ghost patch, and Enterprise tokens that can be used in the Armoury. Upon completing the campaign, players will unlock the ability to get the USS Enterprise via the Armoury or Premium Shop.

Here is an overview video for Update 13.1 in World of Warships while the full patch notes can be viewed here.

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