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World of Tanks Heads to Poland with New Update

The latest version introduces another nation, fresh and improved locales and more

September 4, 2018—The award-winning free-to-play World of Tanks is releasing Update 1.1 today in APAC. The update features the Polish tech tree, the 11th nation in-game, and a new map based on the battlefield in Studzianki in response to the community’s request.

“World of Tanks has a big and dedicated following in Poland so to reward their loyalty, we have added this regional content.” states Max Chuvalov, Publishing Director of World of Tanks. “So we are excited to release both Polish tanks and a map simultaneously. We did a lot of research to make the tree truly Polish and genuine, while incorporating interesting and unique gameplay.”

Polish tanks roll out with a full tech tree of 10 vehicles and two Premiums. Low-tier Poles are similar to other nations—fast and dynamic with thin armor. However, they have a distinguishing feature is slightly increased alpha over their peers and this trait carries on through to Tier X. Also, World of Tanks finally brings the top-tiered machines, blueprinted by cadets and graduate engineers of the Warsaw Military Technical Academy, to life, having only ever existed on the drawing board.

With the Polish tanks arriving, it was only fair to give them a battlefield to call their own. Based on the famous battle of Studzianki, the World of Tanks Audio Team cooperated with the Polish folk band Żywiołak to create an authentic soundtrack. The group recorded their own version of the Polish folk song “W moim ogródecku” (“In my garden”) that was chosen as the signature theme of the map’s soundtrack, with the Audio Team adding the epic symphonic sound to it.

Update 1.1 will also bring a very special addition to the game—Minsk, the location where it all began and to this day World of Tanks is still developed.


“The Minsk map we recreated is from the 1970s. 90% of it is unique content: every building or monument has been created from scratch and aimed at depicting the city as realistically as possible.” says Max. “I am from Minsk and it’s a very special moment for myself, those who hail from Minsk and the entire World of Tanks development team.”

Last but not least, a new campaign of Personal Missions arrives with the latest update. Named “The Second Front”, three new unique reward tanks will be available to earn along with the four from the original campaign. Each reward tank is the grand prize for completing sets of missions that will test players’ skills in multiple ways.


To find out the full list of features and content coming with Update 1.1, go to the World of Tanks website: world of

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