Published on February 13th, 2024 | by Adrian Gunning

World of Tanks Adds Exclusive Dune: Part Two In-game Events

Wargaming announces the licensing of Dune from Legendary Entertainment, unveiling in-game adventures across World of Tanks, World of Tanks Blitz and World of Tanks Modern Armor.

From February 16th to April 2nd (AEDT), as the sands shift, players can expect a range of in-game events tailored for each platform, featuring diverse mechanics and exclusive rewards that add a touch of ‘Dune’ magic to their playtime.

World of Tanks PC Dune: Part Two – Destiny Arrives Battle Pass will run from February 16th to February 26th (AEDT). This chapter develops a k, the “Beast” Rabban and Lady Jessica. Players can recruit heroes and villains from the film as crew members and receive precious items such as distinctive 2D styles, decals, and inscriptions – some featuring soon-to-be iconic lines from the upcoming film, Dune: Part Two. Moreover, a true dune rider awaits the players – a Tier VIII Mittlerer KPZ.PR.68 Premium tank coated in a permanent 3D style with special visual effects.

More information about a special Dune: Part Two – Destiny Arrives Battle Pass can be found here:

World of Tanks Blitz is hosting a planetary-scale event, based on the Dune: Part Two film universe. From February 24th to March 8th (AEDT), players can obtain items such as Crysknife and Maker hooks, collect Gurney Halleck’s profile background and avatar, and embark on the “Beast” Rabban and the Fremen quests. The main reward for the players is the formidable Groundtank, inspired by the Sardaukar forces. Additionally, a spectacular Harvester skin for a Maus tank will be available in special bundles.

More information about the Dune: Part Two event can be found here:

World of Tanks Modern Armor enters the fray with its own unique offerings. Players will join a time-limited community event divided into three stages, each featuring a set of unique tasks and engaging content with exclusive Dune: Part Two-themed rewards. Upon completion of these stages, iconic characters like Gurney Halleck, the powerful Sardaukar Warrior, and the menacing “Beast” Rabban can be obtained as Commanders. Moreover, a special 3D commander, “Beast” Rabban, will be available exclusively for console players. The event is scheduled to commence on March 6th (AEDT).

All these in-game events perfectly set the stage for the highly anticipated theatrical release of Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures’ Dune: Part Two.


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