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Mount up Impulse Gamers and let’s skin out of here!

Coming for PS3 and Xbox 360

Red Dead Redemption from Rockstar Games is one to watch for, the staff at Impulse Gamer is really into the whole concept already as you can see from our U.S Writers group picture here.

The game is set in 1908; with the character focus on one John Marston who is a partially reformed outlaw himself. Marston is on the trail of his former gang and is set to bring them to justice one way or the other. During game play it’s said to make use of an Honor system. Every action can effect the player characters honor, and how they interact with other characters in the game. they can of course choose to try to play it as a good guy. wounding instead of killing and capture bandits alive, or they can go the villain route and kill, plunder, horse thief their black hearted selves across the frontier. The down side to that though is that the character can become wanted by the law themselves if they are seen by civilians when they are committing these acts.

It’s an open world of game play allot like the Grand theft Auto series, the environments will include frontier towns, open prairie and snow capped mountain passes.

From the scenes and game footage we have seen thus far, Rockstar has the very essence of the old west, both from a historical stand point and of course some of the most iconic western films we have seen over the years. In “Red Dead Redemption” the wide open ranges and boom towns and border towns are all captured for what looks like a mind blowing player experience.

Action, adventure, exploration, discovery and unexpected dangers are all the ingredients that are gelling together to make “Red Dead Redemption” one of the top gaming pick predictions of 2010. From hunting buffalo, to bronco busting the old west is set to come alive and we at Impulse Gamer are looking forward to this game. Rockstar Games has a long track record of bringing some truly exceptional games to the gaming consumer. Red Dead Redemption, looks like it can well be another winner. A mix of Grand Theft Auto meets the old west? We are so there.

Watch for our full review of Red Dead Redemption in the coming months of 2010!

Have fun play games.
Edwin Millheim, Donna Millheim & Shael Millheim