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New iPhone 5S Launch To Create Mountains Of Stockpiled Obsolete Mobiles

With the launch of the Apple iPhone 5S around the corner, (11 Sep) Australia’s official, not-for-profit mobile recycler, MobileMuster, is urging Australian consumers to recycle their old mobiles if they upgrade.

“Any new smartphone sees significant interest from Australian consumers, but they are still holding onto their old phones – 23 million of them!” said Rose Read, Recycling Manager for MobileMuster.

In addition to there being one old unused mobile for every person in Australia, the latest research shows that nearly the majority of these phones are four years old or more .

“We know that most Australians hold onto their old mobile ‘just in case they need it ’ but given that the majority of these old mobiles are considered to be outdated, and potentially pre-smartphone, Aussies are just holding onto old technology they are unlikely to ever use again,”

“Let’s get all Australians digging into their drawers at home or at work and dropping off their old mobile for free at one of the 4,000 MobileMuster drop-off points around Australia, or jumping online and downloading a reply-paid mailing label and posting them in for free,”

“It is much better to recycle any obsolete mobiles than leave them lying around at home,” commented Read.

More than 90% of materials inside of a mobile can be recovered and made into new products, which in the last year lessened the need to mine 1,165 tonnes of precious metal ore and had the environmental benefit of planting over 5,600 trees.

Everything collected by MobileMuster is recycled in a safe, secure and ethical way with no mobiles resold for reuse or dumped into developing countries.

While some people may consider passing their old phones on to developing countries as a way to help people in need, keep in mind that most of these countries have poor or no recycling facilities.

Any benefit gained from extending the life of the phone is lost as it will eventually be dumped into landfill or processing in a manner harmful to human health.

“E-waste in developing countries is becoming such a big issue that just last month the WHO launched an inquiry into the potential health effects on local communities,” commented Read.

“We want all Australians to stop, think and recycle in Australia with MobileMuster as it is industry-funded and the safest, most ethical way possible.” concluded Read.

Additionally, MobileMuster also has a partnership with the Salvo’s meaning if consumers are looking to recycle their old mobile and do something good for the community then they should drop their old mobile into their local Salvos store and MobileMuster will provide a donation for every kilo of old mobiles, batteries or chargers collected.

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