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Denon announces the expansion of its acclaimed Music Maniac™ and Urban Raver™ headphone lines

Sydney, Australia, 04 September 2013 – Denon Electronics®, a premier manufacturer of high-quality home and personal audio products, announces the Australian availability of the brand’s expanded headphone line with six new high-performance models. The 2013 models offer lower priced options which include the most popular technological advances of the Music Maniac™ and Urban Raver™ lines. The new headphones include two Music Maniac™ models, the On-Ear AH-D340, and In-Ear AH-C250, as well as four new Urban Raver™ models, including the AH-D320RD (black with red accents) AH-D320BU (black with blue accents) On-Ears, and the AH-C100RD (black with red accents) and AH-C100BU (black with blue accents) In-Ears.

Petro Shimonishi, Senior Global Product Manager for Denon Headphones noted, “Since we launched our lineup of lifestyle headphones this past year, we’ve received phenomenal feedback from both longtime Denon fans and consumers who are just now discovering the brand. These new versions of some of our most popular models offer terrific value that will bring Denon’s legacy of craftsmanship, advanced technology and unique lifestyle-specific apps into consumer’s lives. We continue to stand by our tagline that Denon headphones are specially engineered to Sound Like You™, Fit Like You, and Move Like You, so you can feel the music like never before.”

Meet the New Music Maniacs!
Denon’s Music Maniac™ headphones are designed for the traditional audiophile, delivering a studio-quality, best-in-class listening experience. Tuned to a flat EQ, Music Maniac headphones all feature patent-pending technologies from Denon to provide a reference standard in music reproduction. Denon’s new AH-D340 Music Maniac On-Ear Headphone is no exception. It incorporates many of the features found in the company’s higher priced models, such as Denon’s 2-Axis Ear Cup Design which provides 360-degree articulation for a custom fit and Denon’s patent-pending pentagonally shaped memory foam ear pads. The AH-D340 also features glass fibre reinforced moulded ear cups, 40mm Drivers with Neodymium Magnets for high-performance sound and a 3-foot long non-tangle cable with in-line remote (for control of Apple iPod®, iPhone®, and iPad™) and microphone for clear phone conversations. An elegant carrying case with a karabiner is also included.

For users who want an in-ear headphone capable of delivering a studio-quality listening experience, the Music Maniac AH-C250’s in-ear housing features a specially designed single balanced armature driver encased in zinc die-cast housing to ensure acoustic transparency and durability and deliver high performance sound from a small form factor. The Teflon coated, non-tangle cable includes an in-line remote (for control of Apple iPod®, iPhone®, and iPad™) and microphone for clear phone conversations. For total listening comfort, users can customise the fit with their choice of ear tips included (Silicon: XS, S, M, L or Double Solid Silicon). A protein leather carrying case with a karabiner is included for your convenience.

Music Maniac users may also enjoy the Denon Audio Smartphone Application, the first integrated application suite designed for the audiophile, with a host of features that give users full control over their music. The app makes it simple to create, store and share custom EQ curves with a 1000-band equaliser, as well as listen to Internet Radio, with TuneIn® Radio that offers access to 70,000 stations worldwide. Users can craft their own music environment with custom EQ & EQ presets to match and maximise performance of Denon advanced audio/video receivers, as well as a special “drag and drop” custom EQ that lets you quickly and easily set music levels for optimum performance. The Denon Audio app also features an integrated audio player for playback of all music stored on the smartphone and also allows for instant playlist creation directly from the app.

Kick Up the Bass with the New Urban Ravers! 

Denon’s Urban Raver™ headphones are ideal for the younger music enthusiast who listens to contemporary music genres with a heavy emphasis on bass. They are ideal for getting the most out of bass-heavy Techno, Trance, Drum & Bass tracks and other types of music, all four new models are professionally tuned for big bass. The on-ear models feature Denon’s contemporarily sculpted, technologically advanced design, with its distinctive Control Wheel design, the thundering bass is made possible thanks to Denon’s 40mm Drivers with Neodymium Magnets. Additionally Denon’s Urban Raver’s feature the popular 2-Axis Ear Cup Design which provides 360-degree articulation and an adjustable headband for a custom fit. Both on-ear models feature a handy carrying pouch with karabiner, audio cable, and ¼ inch gold-plated adapter jack.


Like all Denon’s Urban Raver in-ear headphones, the new red AH-C100RD and blue AH-C100BU both deliver a powerful bass experience. Professionally tuned to deliver big bass, the Urban Raver In-Ear headphones feature 11mm driver diaphragms are driven by ultra-high efficiency neodymium magnets for dynamic sound. The non-tangle cable includes an in-line remote (for control of Apple iPod®, iPhone®, and iPad™) and microphone for clear phone conversations when you are on the go. Users can customise the fit with a choice of ear tips (Silicon: S, M, L or Comply™ Foam).

The Denon Club Smartphone App completes the Urban Raver experience, providing access to the Urban Raver Community, where users can quickly and easily update Facebook / Twitter statuses on music they like, look up lyrics to their favourite songs, share artist information, discover new artists and users customise their EQ & EQ Presets, giving the user full power over their music. Additionally, an integrated audio player lets you play back music in virtually all formats, create custom playlists, set up instant queues of music, and features TuneIn® Radio for access to over 70,000 internet radio stations worldwide.

Denon’s 2013 line of headphones also includes Globe Cruiser™ and Exercise Freak™ models. The Globe Cruiser™ is targeted to the frequent business traveller with a focus on superior sound, noise isolation/cancellation, and ease of mobility through transit stations. The Denon Travel app complements Denon Globe Cruiser headphones to enhance the end user’s travel experience. Denon’s Exercise Freak™ headphones are designed for the fitness enthusiast. Exercise Freak models are sweat-proof, tuned to provide a slightly accentuated bass curve, and employ key features to allow unrestricted movement during workouts. The Denon sport app complements Denon
Exercise Freak headphones to provide a unique, performance-enhancing experience for workouts.

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Pricing and Availability
Manufacturer: Denon

Product Name Model Name Colours RRP Availability
Music Maniac AH-D340 AH-D340 Black with Pearlized White Accents AU$349.00 Now
Music Maniac AH-C250 AH-C250 Black with Silver Accents AU$299 Now
Urban Raver AH-D320 AH-D320RD
Red & Blue AU$199.95 Now
Urban Raver AH-C100 AH-C100RD
Red & Blue AU$99.95 Now

Australian Distributors: QualiFi

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