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Wookieerotica – A Star Wars Parody Magazine

Have you ever asked the question what if a 1970’s Mens magazine crossed paths with the original Star Wars trilogy? Well ask no longer… Wookieerotica is here. Sydney based production company Tenderloins took up the challenge for fanboys everywhere to produce the magazine that no one asked for, but everyone deserves.

Over the past two years Tenderloins have worked extreamly hard to finish their sci-fi soft core porn masterpiece. Standing at an impressive 116 pages, recreating all the glory that is Star Wars and a long lost format that was 1970’s men’s magazines.

 “I wanted to make something for all those people who loved star wars as kids playing with their action figures. Now I’ve just replaced the action figure part with naked women” said creative director, Russall S. Beattie.

Readers can expect a collection of all their favorite characters in all their glory, and some very ….. Imaginative reinventions of the George Lucas universe.

“Fan service is the main point, and as fans we kept asking the question – would we want to own this? I think we’ve hit the mark pretty close” – Russall S. Beattie

The WOOKIEEROTICA magazine is a one off production with limited numbers

What: WOOKIEEROTICA A Star Wars Parody Magazine
Price: $60