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BlackShot Europe: Grey Wolf – Order Assassination Update

Published on July 17, 2013 by in Gaming

July 17th, 2013, eFusion MMOG – BlackShot Europe, a tactical MMOFPS, has a big content update including a new character in the game and various weapons under the theme of Grey Wolf – Order Assassination.

BlackShot Europe has just released the new female character “Rayne”, a new Team Deathmatch map “Graveyard” and weapons with a new design. Rayne is an ace disciple of Sniper Mantis specialised in jungle survival warfare, who is capable to silence enemies without being detected and eliminate targets without them knowing. The “SPAS LoneWolf” is the perfect shotgun for hunting and defending territory, due to its notably increased fire rate. The “UMP GreyWolf” is a lightweight rifle, customized for attacking swift like a wolf. The new sniper rifle “PSG1 ArcticWolf” with its significantly increased damage and fire rate allows players easy tracking. Also, new items according to the Grey Wolf theme have been added, like the Wolf Fang and the GreyWolf Grenade, as well as summer items like the Straw Hat and Sunglasses.

Moreover, all BlackShot Europe fans can participate in the special event “Catch The Lucky Item” on Facebook and try their luck in order to win rewards every week for 3 months. The only condition is to like the BlackShot Europe Facebook page and choose one of the listed weapons. More details can be found on the official  BlackShot Europe website ( and the BlackShot Europe Facebook page (

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