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Pop Culture Icons Assemble For The Premiere Of EARTH’S MIGHTIEST SHOW!

New York, NY—July 12th, 2013— Today, join geek icon Blair Butler as she takes fans on a trip throughout geek culture like never before in the premiere episode of  Earth’s Mightiest Show! As the kick-off to Marvel’s growing digital-first series on the innovative Marvel Original Video platform, Earth’s Mightiest Show is your front door to the world of comics, video games, movies, television, gadgets, and more! Blair Butler takes fans behind the curtain in this exciting new series as the latest news, celebrity interviews and exclusive sneak-peeks are delivered in the mighty Marvel fashion that all fans love and crave. No corner of geek culture will go unexplored, starting with an interview with Robot Chicken creator and producer, Seth Green! There isn’t a fan in this galaxy—and beyond!–who can afford to miss this fun and exciting new spin on pop culture and the icons who make it happen.

“I grew up reading comics and loving Sci-fi, horror, and fantasy films — so I kinda feel like I’ve been preparing for this my entire life,” mentioned host, Blair Butler. “Being able to talk to the folks who are making the things we know and love in movies, comics, and beyond, is a dream come true and I can’t wait to share it with the world!” 

Announced at SXSW 2013’s Interactive Gaming Expo earlier this year, Marvel Original Video is a thrilling new digital-first original content initiative from the House of Ideas. As part of this groundbreaking digital-first channel, Marvel is teaming with superstar talent to bring fans high-quality original programming showcasing the greatest stories and personalities & super heroes – like Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine & more. Marvel Original Video joins the next phase of the Marvel ReEvolution, the company’s unwavering commitment to delivering the ultimate fan experience across multiple platforms.

“As part of the Marvel ReEvolution, this unparalleled diversity of original content not only brings our fans closer to our brand—but also offers unprecedented insight into the inner workings of how the entertainment industry works,” said Peter Phillips, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Marvel Digital Media Group. “We’re expanding to lifestyle, documentary and reality shows that focus on bringing fans a more complete view of Marvel, from the latest news to the true stories about our greatest characters and their impact on pop culture.”

But that’s not all! Marvel Original Video will also be joined by Marvel’s long-standing and robust digital series like The Watcher, bringing you weekly Marvel news updates; Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?!, a stop-motion animated satirical look at the world’s most popular super heroes; Marvel LIVE!, bringing live coverage from Comic Con International in San Diego; exclusive red carpet coverage from Marvel blockbuster movie premieres;  and more!

Stay tuned to for more information on Earth’s Mightiest Show and more groundbreaking Marvel Original Video announcements. Join the conversation on twitter using #MarvelEMS.