FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Madman is proud to announce a new distribution partnership with independent Australian comics and graphic novel publisher, Milk Shadow Books.

Established in 2008, Milk Shadow Books prides itself on publishing the finest independent works from Australian, New Zealand and international artists, and boasts a catalogue bursting with totally original, hilarious, emotional, terrifying and just downright weird tales to make you laugh, think and maybe gag.

Highlights from the Milk Shadow Books range include the unparalleled ‘Hergé meets Cronenberg via Lovecraft’ delights of Tim Molloy’s MR UNPRONOUNCABLE ADVENTURES and IT SHINES AND SHAKES AND LAUGHS, the collected sticky carpet legacy of Dillon Naylor that forms A BRUSH WITH DARKNESS, J. Marc Schmidt’s black comedy onslaught, ALL YOU BASTARDS CAN GO JUMP OFF A BRIDGE, two volume collections of Australia’s longest running underground humour comic, YOU STINK AND I DON’T, and much, much more.

Looking to the future, Milk Shadow Books have a treat in store for people of all ages. Dillon Naylor’s DA ‘N’ DILL – THE SHOWBAG YEARS collects all the infamous Da ‘n’ Dill comics that have wickedly entertained both children and adults over the years as they were sneakily packed into the Australian showbag circuit.

We believe that the breadth, exceptional quality, and dare I say, sheer tenacity of the Milk Shadow Books offering will compliment what we do perfectly,” said Daniel Chlebowczyk, Product Manager – Manga & Graphic Novels, Madman Ent.We’re truly excited to be working with them out there on the fringe!

It’s an honour to be working with Madman. With their cutting edge animation and alternative media collection, we see the future of our two companies working perfectly together. We’re really excited to see where this goes.” – James Andre – Publisher, Milk Shadow Books.

The Milk Shadow Books partnership will also further complement the distribution arrangement Madman have in place with Gestalt Publishing, whose graphic novels such as THE DEEP and CHANGING WAYS have received a multitude of awards, critical acclaim and reader praise.

Madman will begin distributing the Milk Shadow Books range in August, 2013.