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Yahoo!7 account – Users beware!

Sydney, Australia, July 01, 2013 – Yahoo!7 today announced that it has commenced notifying Australian users who have not signed into their Yahoo! and Yahoo!7 accounts in the past 12 months to do so before July 15 to prevent having their account deactivated.

Australian users have been contacted in multiple ways – including a ‘We want you back’ message to their email accounts, their alternate email addresses and by SMS message to the users’ mobile phone number where provided.

This provides an exciting opportunity to reward loyal users and new users with the opportunity to sign up for the ID they’ve always wanted.

From July 15, 2013 anyone can have a shot at scoring the ID they want. In mid August, users who staked a claim on certain IDs will discover if they’ve received a new ID.

For more on the campaign, see Yahoo!’s Tumblr here:

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