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Remain ‘in-charge’ without cables

Thanks to Mint Technology’s Qi Wireless Charging Solutions

Imagine a world where you can sit in your local café, deli, restaurant or food court and not only utilise free WiFi, but actually surf the net and access your emails on a tablet, smartphone or laptop while it charges. It sounds futuristic but the technology is already available to do just that – wireless charging via electromagnetic induction.

It’s called Qi (pronounced ‘Chee’) and it’s an interface standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium – a group comprising over 140 well-known global companies who have joined forces to make wireless charging universal.

What it means is that you can keep your electronic device charged and at the ready at all times, without connecting cables to your device – you simply place your Qi compliant device on a Qi charging surface and charging commences.

Mint Technology is making wireless charging available to all owners of Samsung, LG[1] and Nokia[1]

Qi compatible devices, thanks to their iStyle Qi Wireless Charging Pad Range..

“For less than $30, you can turn a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone into a Qi compliant device, with the purchase of an iStyle Qi Wireless Charging Card (available now) which very easily fits within the casing of the phone and adds no weight or bulk to the phone at all,” said Kuni Ishii, Mint Technology’s managing director.

“With the addition of this ultra-thin card, the Samsung Galaxy S3 will charge when it comes into contact with any Qi charging station. Mint Technology offer a number of such charging stations – single and dual iStyle Wireless Charging Pads with an additional 2.1A USB port (making them unique) which retail from $59.95.

“But the exciting thing about this new inductive electrical power transfer technology,” continues Ishii, “is that being the new industry standard, Qi charging stations will soon be available everywhere, fitted within tables in cafes, restaurants and airports – all manner of public places, enabling Qi compliant devices to remain in charge wherever you go.”

The iStyle S4 Qi Wireless Charging Card will be available in July, and will enable current owners of Samsung Galaxy S4 phones to give their device Qi charging compliance using their existing back cover.

“Mint Technology’s iStyle Qi Wireless Charging Range provides instant Qi compliance and you don’t have to discard the old case that the phone originally came with to get all the features of Qi Charging convenience,” he said.

Mint Technology’s iStyle range of Qi Charging pads and Qi Charging Cards are available from Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi and selected retailers. For stockists and further information, visit or contact Mint Technology on 1300 761 811.

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