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Gamers Ten Times More Likely To Buy Playstation 4 Then Xbox One

Gametraders conducted and exclusive poll and found startling revelations about gamer reaction to the new consoles.

“Across the web gamers are either celebrating Sony’s dismantling of Microsofts presentation of their new Xbox One or gnashing their teeth in anger at overwhelming amount of positive support Sony are getting from the games press.” Said Mr Rob Jenkins, National Marketing Manager Gametraders

“Simply put Sony gave gamers what they want,” he said

They want:

No DRM on games.
No need to be connected to the internet to use your console.
The ability to sell games and buy second hand games without any fees, rules and regulations.
The ability to lend a game to your friends – no strings attached, no 30 day friend rules, just simple lending.
No gaming authentication.

“The announcements went over like the winning goal at the World Cup,” Jenkins said.
Sony also showed support to indie game developers by showing their games during the presentation and featuring some of the creators on stage.

Then they delivered what many are calling a knockout blow –  pricing – $100 U.S below the new console from Microsoft.
Microsoft had been doing their best to calm the waters after their announcement of rules for selling games, and in general didn’t convince the gaming press. Their decision to impose restrictions on gamers such as having to connect your Xbox One to the internet for authentication every 24 hours or your console stops working, and their decision to allow game publishers to control if a game can be resold as a pre-owned game resulted in many unhappy gamers.

Gametraders decided to poll fans on social media and the result has so far been overwhelming with more then 10 times more people saying they want the PS4 compared to the Xbox One.

Will retailers see a massive swing to the Sony console when both go on sale? Microsoft need to get gamers back on side before the release date in November.

Gametraders will stock both consoles along with Nintendo’s new Wii U system and the launch titles. Customers wanting more information about the new systems can ask in-store.

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