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Medicine for the non-charging iPad – introducing the iStyle PowerPill

Innovative Solution Provider, Mint Technology, has found an antidote to the common problem of charging the iPad and iPad Mini from a standard USB port incorporated into PCs, laptops and older model Macs, and it costs less than $30.

Since the introduction of the iPad, online social networks have been a buzz with iPad users blogging their frustration at charging difficulties.  When connected to a PC, the iPad will not charge in most circumstances.[i]

The reason the device doesn’t charge when connected via USB to a computer or laptop is that the iPad and iPad mini requires a high power USB port to charge.  It’s a problem affecting Microsoft users however older Mac models have also been reported to be experiencing the same issue.

The iPad is designed to charge from the 10W wall adaptor it comes bundled with, but many USB ports supply only 2.5W.

The solution is the iStyle PowerPill – an adaptor which when plugged into the standard USB port generates enough current to enable the PC to charge the iPad device, allowing for direct charge from your computer or in-car.

As you’d expect, due to the additional power, the PowerPill also offers rapid charge – charging the device up to four times faster than conventional USB charging.  And it’s not just iPad users that stand to benefit – the iStyle PowerPill is designed for use with iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Smart Phones and Samsung Galaxy Tablets.

With a simple press of a button, the iStyle PowerPill switches between 3 Modes:

Blue LED: Charging iPad, iPhone and most USB Charging Devices

Red LED: Charging Samsung Galaxy Tablets including most USB Charging Devices

LED OFF: Data Sync & Transfer Mode Only (without Battery Charging)

“The PowerPill is a unique product which solves a very real problem,” said Kuni Ishii, Managing Director of Mint Technology Group.  “We are the only supplier of a rapid charge adaptor designed to increase output power from 500mA to 700-2,100mA, meaning you can charge directly from any PC or in-car for the ultimate in convenience,” he said.

Available:            Harvey Norman & GoodGuys stores as well as smaller independent retailers.

RRP:                       $29.95


[i] According to Apple the iPad will charge, albeit at a very slow rate when connected to a standard PC, if the PC is in sleep mode.

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