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Bigger, bolder and packed with features for a competitive edge

BenQ unleashes the XL2720T – the world’s premium Gaming Monitor

BenQ has brought a smile to the face of all professional gamers confirming today the release of their new XL Series Gaming Monitor – the XL2720T.  Equipped with a stunning 27” large view display, 120Hz and blazing-fast 1-ms response time, the new XL2720T guarantees an incredible gaming experience.

The official monitor for the Intel Extreme Masters – seasons 6 and 7 – and preferred by many of the major tournaments around the world, BenQ’s XL Series gaming monitors have earned a reputation from the gaming fraternity as being the best, with a range of features and presets, such as the unique Black eQualizer, Display Mode and Smart Scaling, giving players a competitive edge.

BenQ’s XL gaming monitors have impressed competitors at the Intel Extreme Masters, ESEA (E-Sports Entertainment Association) ESWC (Electronic Sports World Cup) 2012 Finals, G-League, Asia e-Sports Cup 2012 and ESL Pro Series in Poland since their release some three years ago.

The new addition to the flagship series, the XL2720T was designed to handle the most demanding game plays within the diverse eSports spectrum.  Its launch was timed to coincide with the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship Season 7 which was recently held in Hanover, Germany (March 5-9, 2013).

Said BenQ Australia’s Joshua Edwards, “Users get to make a difference between victory and defeat from FPS (first person shooter) games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Battlefield to popular console fighting games such as Street Fighter, due to the intuitively equipped ultra-low 0.002-frame input lag that synchronises action without latency from mouse motion.

“The 27’ widescreen (16:9) Full HD LED screen, which uses LED backlighting for great colour and low power consumption as well as a 12 million:1 contrast ratio for the best and most optimal picture quality will impress the world’s gamers and make tournaments a lot more interesting,” said Edwards, who is himself a professional gamer.

“The XL2720T offers two variations to the preset FPS Mode.  While the FPS1 Mode configures and optimises the display for Counter-Strike 1.6, the FPS2 Mode does likewise for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as recommended by BenQ.  With these specialised preset modes offering optimal brightness, contrast, sharpness and colour tint, gamers gain the advantage of being able to spot and track their opponents’ every move,” claimed Edwards.

“Furthermore, the XL2720T features BenQ’s Black eQualizer function to enable total visibility by allowing gamers to adjust the screen brightness without over-exposing the light levels, revealing critical combat details with improved visibility in darkened scenes.  To accommodate individual viewing preferences, the Display Mode allows gamers to switch between nine monitor screen sizes from 17”, 19”, 19”W, 21.5”W, 22”W, 23”W, 23.6”W, 24”W and 27”W, while the Smart Scaling feature gives players the ability to scale the screen on-the-fly to virtually any custom size, without impacting controller sensitivity.”

Edwards explains the BenQ Game Mode Loader of XL2720T, storing the gaming presets used by pro gamers and gaming legends, are available for various game titles, including Battlefield 3, Call of Duty, Diablo 3 and Dota2.  “Users can install the exclusive presets of professional gamers around the world and save them onto the S Switch for quick access.  The game mode selection is to be expanded over time,” he said.

The XL2720T comes with dual HDMI ports, and is engineered to provide Full HD connectivity with all kinds of peripheral and console devices including but not limited to the PS3, XBOX, Blu-ray players, PCs and cameras, allowing gamers to enjoy their digital entertainment effortlessly.

Certified as NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ ready, the XL2720T provides gamers with Full HD 3D gaming and stereoscopic entertainment experiences like never before.  For a more vivid viewing experience, it even comes with the NVIDIA 3D LightBoost™ technology for up to twice the original screen brightness.

For further information on the new XL2720T Gaming Montior, visit

RRP:                             $599.00

Available:                      April

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