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WD® Portable Hard Drives for Mac Users Rev up on USB 3.0 Speed and Larger Capacity while keeping Compact Design

Sydney, Australia – 10 September 2012 – WD®, a subsidiary of Western Digital Corporation, today announced that it has added the USB 3.0 interface to its line of My Passport® for Mac portable hard drives and increased capacity for Mac computer users up to an unmatched 2 TB. Popular among students and other Mac users who take their digital content everywhere, the My Passport for Mac with USB 3.0 allows users to quickly and conveniently take advantage of the faster transfer speeds that USB 3.0 provides when connecting the drive to their MacBook® computer or MacBook Air® computer with that interface.

While continuing to provide a sleek and slim design, the My Passport drive also has been a favourite among consumers and professionals who have safety and security at the top of the list of requirements for portable drives. This is why the My Passport for Mac includes password protection and hardware encryption features to protect content from unauthorised use or access. The My Passport for Mac drive is also compatible out-of-the-box with Apple Time Machine for easy backup to further protect valuable files.

“Today’s mobile consumers are looking for fast, safe, compact and reliable ways to access and transport their digital files,” explains Ralf San Jose, Director of Product Marketing for WD’s consumer storage products group. “My Passport for Mac with USB 3.0 adds the convenience of a very fast USB connection that includes added security features that mobile consumers need when away from home. Adding all these benefits with an unmatched industry capacity of 2 TB provides the perfect solution for the demanding Mac customer.”

My Passport for Mac drives remain a favourite among Mac users whose environments also include extensive travel or outdoor and adventure locations. Additionally, when action and adventure are on the schedule, My Passport for Mac drives will fit nicely inside WD’s Nomad  rugged case for protection against dirt, dust, moisture, and sudden impacts.

My Passport for Mac comes with a 3-year limited warranty and is available on the WD store at and at select retailers.

Pricing and Availability
Manufacturer: WD
Product Name: My Passport for Mac
MSRP 500GB – AU$ 119, NZ$ 149
MSRP 1TB – AU$ 159, NZ$ 189
MSRP 2TB – AU$ 299, NZ$ 329
Australia Distributors: Synnex/ Express Online
New Zealand Distributor: Synnex
Availability: now