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Wonder Woman #37 Review (At last Darkseid Reborn!)

Wonder Woman #37 Review (At last Darkseid Reborn!) Andrew Bistak

Summary: Darkseid returns in an epic battle between Zeus with Diana just a pawn in the middle.


Darkseid's back!

This is the issue everyone has been waiting for… the return of the New God Darkseid to adulthood as writer James Robinson pits this classic DCU villain against the father of Wonder Woman, the old god Zeus. Thanks to artist Carlo Pagulayan, he successfully creates a true blockbuster comic as one of the most epic battles between gods ensues. As Diana tries to help her father, she is stopped by Grail as this evil spawn of Darkseid is thwarted by Wonder Woman’s twin brother Jason.

As the battle between Darkseid and Zeus literally goes global, the former ruler of Apokolips takes the fight to a crowded part of Manila in order to prevent Diana from interfering as there are thousands of potential casualties. This is all the time that Darkseid needs as he finally regains his old form and defeats Zeus by pummeling the absolute crap out of him.

With Zeus defeated, Darkseid turns his attention to Diana, however when the Justice League arrive led by Superman, he makes a calculated retreat with his daughter Grail. The issue ends with an emotional scene between Diana and Jason as the Amazonian Princess gives her brother the forgiveness he needs for both of them to move on.

Final Thoughts?

Wonder Woman #37 was an epic issue and I loved the banter between Zeus and Darkseid with Diana just a pawn in the battle. Now with Darkseid back, the DCU will definitely change and I don’t think this god will ignore Wonder Woman for too long. All in all, it was a well written issue that gave us a decent ending with some brilliant art by Carlo Pagulayan who definitely delivered a summer blockbuster.

Next Issue: Silver Swan!

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