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Published on March 15th, 2024 | by Ali Arkani

Woke Media Discourse Is Broken

In my previous article, I tried to demonstrate why calling people racist and misogynist is not going to bring justice and equality to our society. Yet, more and more radicalized ideas are being spread by those who claim they are helping society to get rid of radicalism.

The examples are everywhere and present in our daily entertainment pieces. Washington Post’s writer Erika Denise Edwards slams 2023’s FIFA World Cup champion asking “Why doesn’t Argentina’s team have more Black players?”. Writer William Spivey points his finger at the historical drama mini-series Shogun for lack of black samurais. PlayStation 5’s latest exclusive Stellar Blade is pandered by feminists for its overly sexualized female protagonist and dismissal of female developer from the studio behind it. The Verge’s Ash Parrish criticizes Final Fantasy 16 for lack of diversity. Nia DaCosta director of the worst-performing MCU movie ever The Marvels blames toxic fans for her film’s failure, calling them “virulent and violent and racist and sexist and homophobic”. Ultimately, a video from Dani Lalonders, Associate Narrative Designer at Cliffhanger Gamers and CEO of Veritable Joy Studios who is working on Marvel’s Black Panther game resurfaced in which she proudly admits she doesn’t like to work with white people and all their team is consisted of people of color.

Woke media propaganda

“We have no white people on our team. I did that because I wanted to create a safe environment.” said Dani Lalonders.

Looking at these examples, it seems in the past couple of months, the woke mob has changed their strategy to a full-scale war against anyone outside their radical circles. They don’t seek facts and reasoning; they only demand us to take their word for it. They ask for more black players in Argentina’s national football team but don’t mention that according to a study by the Autonomous University of the State of Morelos (UAEM), less than 0.5% of Argentinians are African! The same goes for the black samurais and the author’s made-up proverb!

None of the so-called activists talk about Stellar Blade’s fired dev’s involvement with an infamous and violent Korean radical feminist group called Daughters of Megalia. You don’t see woke propagandists ask Nia DaCosta how Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse with a black protagonist becomes Sony’s highest-grossing animated film if Marvel fans are racist or why such a feminine movie like Barbie becomes the highest-grossing film of the year with so much sexist movie fans?

Nobody dares to question the double standards advertised by these people. When Dani Lalonders brags about deliberately avoiding working with white people, it is nothing but a creative/professional choice but not having black people in Final Fantasy 16 is racist! When female Hollywood superstars dominate the Oscar after-party’s red carpet with so called “Naked Dressing”, it is praised as female empowerment with hashtags like #freethenipple but when Stellar Blade’s director talks about paying special attention to creating a sexy protagonist for his game, it’s suddenly objectification of women!

Woke media propaganda

Final Fantasy VII was inclusive in 1997 even before you were born sis!

I am sick of these holocryptic views. I am tired of the people who fail to accept their failures and blame others for it. I am done with the new reverse racism and sexism glorified in vengeful movements that aim to punish us for the sins of our fathers and call it equality! Just because women, LGBTQ+ members of society, and people of color have been oppressed for thousands of years throughout history, doesn’t mean they now have the right to establish a new type of supremacy! As Martin Luther King, Jr. beautifully puts it: “The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.” and this is exactly what the woke activists are doing.

It seems that lots of people feel the same way as me. It is evident in people’s support of Sweet Baby Inc. Detected Tracker and the backlash the company received after requesting its ban. People are enjoying watching Shogun, making it the No. 1 scripted General Entertainment series premiere by Disney+/Hulu. Gamers are looking forward to stepping into Eve’s shoes in Stellar Blade. Final Fantasy 16 sold more than 3 million copies in a single week of its release and was praised for its music and voice acting; winning a couple of awards as well.

Seems unlike what Anita Sarkeesian and her peers suggest, everything is not racist, sexist or homophobic.  The time for pointing fingers and calling names is already over.  Promoting reverse racism and tokenism by the woke will only result in more hatred toward the so-called marginalized groups they claim to be protecting. You might be able to force people into submission but you can never force them to love you and if these social and political activists want to truly make a change, they should treat people with respect, stop making everything about themselves, and get off their high horses.

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