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Summary: Things intensify for Christine and her family as the desperately try to flee the horrors of this town.


A bloody great issue!

Hope is on the horizon, as Dan, Christine and Bobby find some much needed help and a possible way of escape out of this town and away from the hooded figures that hunt them. Will they be able to outrun the evil fiend that stalks them before it’s too late, or have they already run out of time?

This issue begins with this desperate family stumbling upon an isolated farm, as they seek shelter for the night and a place to rest after their hectic ordeal. The farm appears to be deserted, but there lurks an ominous feeling of something being not quite right about the place. They enter the barn, whereupon they discover a collection of countless campervans and Winnebago’s, like some kind of sinister monument to the dark evil that resides here. As they run around looking for keys to one of the vans, they encounter a young boy named Deacon, who warns them about the danger they are in. This is where they discover the hooded figures true intent, and the reality of the desperate situation that they are caught in hits them all. They decide to trust Deacon after he reassures them that he is friendly and wishes to help them find a safe way out of town. The only problem is that evil is lurking right around the corner, waiting to devour all that falls in its path.

Well, this is an intense, fast-paced and gritty issue. Just when things are beginning to look hopeful for this family, they are flung into another unexpected and horrific situation. Steve Niles takes us on a menacing journey, filled with all sorts of gripping plot developments. Niles has fostered a deeply disturbing and ominous tone that drives the narrative forward, creating a lurking sense of unease. I especially love the whole concept of the Winnebago graveyard, and how these campervans stand there as a symbol of the demise of the poor people who have come before them. This is the issue where this family finally realises the level of danger that they are in, as up until this point they have been running away from hooded figures, without knowing the full threat of what hunts them. I’m also really intrigued by these hooded figures and the strange cult that they have created. We know that they make sacrifices to summon evil from hell, but who are they, and why are they doing this? There is also an interesting essay in the back of this issue by Sarah Horrocks, about the film Zabriskie Point, covering space and violence in films set in Southwestern USA.

Alison Sampson’s art is both lovely and terrifying. She really does capture the feeling of stress, anxiety and exhaustion that this family is experiencing. After running all night, they are beginning to tire, and a sense of desperation and fear is starting to take hold of them. The calm and cool facade that they were maintaining for Bobby is starting to crack, and we can see this in their tormented faces. The landscapes are beautifully haunting, and I find that these fine details offset the harsh and brutal action sequences towards the end of the issue. I should also mention the horrific demon-monkey creature and some of the absolutely brutal and graphic scenes involving it. I was not expecting to see this level of gore, and I bloody loved it. More please! The colouring, by Stephane Paitreau compliments the art perfectly, and helps to heighten the overall ominous tone and lurking feeling of unease and foreboding. There is also an realistic sense of light and reflection throughout the issue, that helps to reinforce the moody atmosphere.

Oh man, I love this story so much. It’s such a thrilling read and each issue has me chewing my lip over the fate of this family. I’m scared for them and want them to escape unscathed, but I’m also want to see more demons, hooded cultists and dark magic…a contradiction, I know. The writing is fast-paced and engaging, and this coupled with the beautifully detailed art makes for an enjoyable and compelling read. Quick, go grab a copy ASAP!

I’m giving this issue 5 out of 5 stars!

CREATIVE TEAM: Steve Niles, Alison Sampson, Stephan Paitreau and Aditya Bidikar
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
PUBLICATION DATE: August 16, 2017
REVIEWER: Dana Folkard

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