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How to Win at Life… by Cheating at Everything! TPB Comic Book Review

How to Win at Life… by Cheating at Everything! TPB Comic Book Review Lyla Saudi

Summary: Find yourself by defrauding others because the only way to succeed in life… is to CHEAT!


Steal It!

A lot of how-to books assume that the reader is a good and wholesome person who wants to follow the law and not rip-off other people. This is FOOLISH! Let expert con man John D’Hough (not his real name of course), tell you all about the glorious world of grift, the science of scam, and How to Win at Life… by Cheating at Everything!

Never forget, even the most extremely successful people in this world are con men. But ‘where do I start my life of faking it?’ I hear you ask. Well, if you know where you are going to end up, then you will know exactly where to begin, because being a con-man is about reverse engineering your life, and John D’Hough is here to show you the basics. From petty identity theft to stealing an entire town, D’Hough has all the tools and tips you will ever need to develop the perfect craft of criminality in this step by step guidebook.

Writing & Artwork

Mark Perez delivers a very clever and fictitious (at least I hope it is) story about the life of a con-man that is witty and completely hilarious. He gets away with poking fun at everything from dissing Bruce Jenner to yelling and swearing… at you the reader.  It is told from the point of John D’Hough’s memories as a kid, life as a con man, and is filled with so many daddy issues that will eventually turn this guidebook into a father and (messed up) son story, which leaves you in stitches.

Artwork is shown on every page, which is needed, as it helps to break up the text. It is simplistic and minimalistic with the use of black and white photographs and sketches that expertly captures the humour and quirk throughout the book. I also was a fan of the cover art. It sets the tone of the story from the start with a sleazy John D’Hough waiting to help you get up to no good. Scott Shaw and Annastasia Goldberg worked well together to put a big smile on my face as I turned each page.

Final Thoughts?

This book is not a quick read so you will have to schedule out some time to give it the attention it needs, but it is worth it, and will definitely give you some laugh out loud moments. It is a biting comedic satire not to be missed!

Comic Details

Title: How to Win at Life… by Cheating at Everything!

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Author: Mark Perez

Artists: Scott Shaw & Annastasia Goldberg

Colourist: Mike Kazaleh

Cover Artist: Scott Shaw

Genre: Humor

Rating: 16+

Publication Date: 26th July, 2017

Format: b&w, 128 pages; TPB

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