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The critically acclaimed Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is available 19 May 2015 and revisits the dangerous world of Geralt of Rivia as he searches for Ciri, a child of prophecy who holds the fate of the world in her hands.

With a vast open world of merchant cities, untamed wilderness and deadly monsters, The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is one of the best RPG experiences to date and Bandai Namco Entertainment and Impulse Gamer are giving five readers the chance to win the game on the PlayStation 4.

All you need to do is click on the following link and tell us in 25 words or less why you want to take home a copy of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt on the PlayStation 3 –


– Promo ends midnight on 30 May 2015

Impulse Gamer 100%
“This game has got characters that you actually care about, a story that is very engaging from the get go and almost flawless gaming mechanics “

Gameplanet 100%
“The Witcher 3 is a triumph. CD Projekt has delivered a world that is epic and textured, and a narrative composed of swelling crescendos and artful asides. This is a studio at the top of its game delivering a title that’s now at the top of the field. Quite simply, The Witcher 3 is unmissable “

The Guardian 100%
“The way in which the developers manage to wrangle the various, divergent threads of your unique journey, with all of its composite choices and outcomes, while entirely concealing the seams is masterly”

Ausgamers 100%
“Wild Hunt is both at times brutal and sexy, with a juxtaposition of hard-edged steel (or silver), blood and death being met with soft, naked skin; passion, lust and even love”

GameSpot 100%
“One of the best role-playing games ever crafted, a titan among giants and the standard-setter for all such games going forward. Where the Witcher 2 sputtered to a halt, The Witcher 3 is always in a crescendo, crafting battle scenarios that constantly one-up the last, until you reach the explosive finale and recover in the glow of the game’s quiet denouement”

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