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WildStar Sabotage Content Drop

Continuing its cadence of high-quality updates to the hit MMORPG WildStar, Carbine Studios today revealed details on its second content drop, Sabotage, coming later this month, including a new DevSpeak video (link below).

The latest WildStar drop from Carbine Studios is made for PvP players, and provides intense multiplayer action never before seen in the game. Featuring mounts, airstrikes and a ridiculous amount of explosives, Sabotage is a new game mode that players can access starting at level 30 and takes place in a massive new 15v15 battleground arena, Daggerstone Pass. The goal of the arena is to capture and maintain hold points, which will do damage to your enemy’s base. The “Sabotage” comes into play through bombs that are randomly spawned near your base. Once picked up by a player, the bombs begin ticking down to detonation and can be used for various strategies.

Use bombs to blow up distracted enemies, get bonus damage if you blow up the bombs near the enemy’s base core; the fun is explosive! Everything you blow up adds points to your team’s total, and the team with the most points when the timer hits zero will be declared the winner. Or blow up the enemy fusion core and win immediately, if that’s your thing.

Sabotage highlights Carbine Studios’ drive to not only add new content, but evolve existing gameplay mechanics to provide new and exciting experiences to fans. PvE players, the next drop is for you!

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