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Published on March 21st, 2014 | by admin

WildStar: Arenas & Battlegrounds DevSpeak

This week for WildStar, Carbine Studios is excited to share with you another beloved DevSpeak video that has to do with something we’ve been a little coy about up until now – PvP!

For the first time, we can truly show you two of WildStar’s biggest PvP experiences – Arenas and Battlegrounds.

PvP experiences are available for all levels of players from the extremely experienced to the novice and combat is fast-paced, crazy reactive and a straight up good time. It truly challenges players to employ the WildStar combat trinity: movement, aiming and telegraphs.

There are two types of Arenas and Battlegrounds: Open and Rated. Open Arenas are available at level 30 and Rated Arenas are available at level 50. Open Battlegrounds are available at level 6 (called Practice Grounds) and Rated Battlegrounds are available at level 50 only.

Rated gameplay for Arenas and Battlegrounds offers hardcore players a more competitive environment. Matching is based on rating and there is an alternative award progression to PvE experiences.

Open gameplay offers easy environment for casual players to jump in and experience what WildStar PvP has to offer with minimal risk. You don’t need to worry about rating as you’re rallied up to the max level for the bracket.

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