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Summary: Rogue and Gambit #1 is a joyful read and it doesn’t develop a fault with overlapping continuity X-Men, X-Factor, Avengers, or S.W.O.R.D. issues


A joy!

Marvel’s spicy duo returns in a brand-new adventure, but their vacation getaway ends abruptly when the future hangs in the balance.

Mr. and Mrs. X are back in Rogue & Gambit #1 and this time they’re taking an opportune break from Krakoa. The story follows Rogue and Remy who are trying to reconnect with what they once had as a couple. A chance to rekindle what sparked their love affair. With Krakoan politics and X-Men missions who could blame them for striving to work on their marriage? Even Remy himself does one’s best to spice up their love life by getting into a tussle with the Guild of Thieves completely enamored. After Rogue saves the day, they both find themselves shacked in a room together. An unsuspecting visitor known as Destiny interrupts their alone time to warn them of an impending doom bound to come to pass. With no clear information about the task given to the pair, Rogue takes a leap of faith and blindly trusts Destiny’s plea to find Manifold. Little do they know; villains elsewhere have been disappearing.

In Rogue and Gambit #1, Phillips (Harley Quinn, Rick & Morty, Sensational Wonder Woman) establishes that our main characters seek to find what’s considered normalcy within their marriage. However, she clarifies that a mutant’s life is never easy to walk away from. With the arrival of Destiny, the plot shifts from relaxation to time-sensitive extraction. In addition, there is a takeaway that most people would appreciate when reading this comic book. Phillips captures and executes Remy’s lovable charm without fail. It’s hard not to like Remy, considering the way Phillips wrote him, and his interactions with Rogue are priceless. The way Phillips structured the story seems like there is more to come, but the progression leans more towards a mystery adventure. The story may hold some secrets yet to be discovered.

Comparatively, the artwork by popular artist Gómez (X-Terminators, America Chavez, Amazing Mary Jane) breathes life into the comic. Through his clarion understanding of juxtaposition by harmonizing color pallets that complement each other, Gómez excels at giving us a beautiful representation of what the story delivers. His panel illustrations accompanied by his coloring is perfect for a duo like Rogue and Remy. Gómez knows how to make each panel essential and stand out on its own. There’s always a unique substance about the aptness he exhibits in character expressions that are surprisingly fun to experience.

Before carrying on a tangent, cover artist Morris (The Occultist, Fantastic Four: Life Story, The Cimmerian: Red Nails) demonstrates his expertise in detailing his eye-catching cover. He foreshadows possible events that may transpire during Rogue and Remy’s time together. As this is uncertainty, it’s undoubtedly a nice personal touch to get a glimpse of what might happen as the story progresses. Not many comics tend to provide that pleasure, but gratefully Morris was the right choice to bring on board for the ride.

Overall, Rogue and Gambit #1 is a joyful read and it doesn’t develop a fault with overlapping continuity X-Men, X-Factor, Avengers, or S.W.O.R.D. issues. It’s a straightforward story with action, humor, and glamor mixed all together into one chain of events. If anyone is searching for a break from the mainstream line of mutants, be sure to check out this one at your local comic book store or online.

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