Published on April 30th, 2023 | by James Wright

When I’m BIG Book Review

When I’m BIG Book Review James Wright

Summary: From big to small... and being ok



When I’m BIG is from Karen Blair and is about a young girl who wonders just how BIG she will be when she grows up. This heart-warming and at times humorous story creates a fun perspective from a young girl that is perfectly written with wondrous and colorful illustrations.

When this little girl finds her baby clothes, this starts her imagination to grow and as the story progresses, she gets bigger and bigger. Will this allow her to climb further? Jump further? Be so big that she can get stuck cats down from a tree? Will need to use the local swimming pool for a bath or be as tall as a Giraffe? These are some of the beautiful scenes that are showcased in this story.


Final Thoughts?

When I’m Big ends with her mum pregnant and our little girl realising that being big is also magical. What made this story resonate for our younger readers was the amazing artwork that created this larger than life read from start to finish, including a powerful message for younger readers.


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