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This Week at Bungie- things are heating up!

With five weeks until the launch of Destiny 2 on consoles, we can’t wait for you to experience what we’ve experienced in playtest, and to experience it again with you.

But before all that, there is much left to say and do before the first wave of you rush home to defend a City under attack.

There are still some great moments we’re looking forward to. We’ll be at gamescom to mix it up in Europe. Back home at PAX, we’re planning an entire Destiny experience. We haven’t met the last of you in real life before we cross paths with you on The Farm.

Once More Unto the Beta

Last week at Bungie, we told you that Destiny 2 PC beta will begin on August 29 in ANZ. That began a conversation that will lead new players to our community. We promised that there would be more information to come, and it’s time to deliver the goods.

All summer long, we’ve been using a baseline of activities to introduce players to Destiny 2 and test its functionality. DRE, E3, the console Beta…They’ve all relied on a small sample of the game we’re making. Each occasion introduced something new to experience. As the final step of our pre-launch exploration, the PC Beta will be no different. 

Our goals for the PC Beta:

  • Test the functionality for Destiny 2 on a new platform
  • Give PC players their first taste of Destiny 2 in action
  • Leave a world of surprises in store for the final version of the game

What you’ll play in the PC Beta:

  • Homecoming Story Mission
  • Inverted Spire Spike
  • Countdown on Midtown
  • Control on Javelin-4 (New Map!)

The PC Beta will also include evidence of some additional tuning of the player experience. We’ve answered feedback on how often you have access to power ammo or your super abilities. These changes will be subtle. If you were on board for the console Beta, see if you can detect them. If this is your first dance with Destiny, be sure you tell us how it feels.

It must be said, once again: This is a Test! The PC is a platform we’ve never shipped Destiny on, so there will be evidence of ongoing construction here and there. Even if you played in the console Beta, you’d be a priceless test resource for us. Not only will you have a chance to appreciate the differences, you’ll be doing your part to ready us for the launch.

Rifles and Reels

We have another Bounty lined up and waiting for you to claim. You’ll be on the hunt for Ramez. Seek him out in a match and win to claim glory and riches.

Bungie Bounty: Ramez

When: 9 AM AEST 09/08/2017

Console: PS4

Playlist: Clash

Okay, riches might be going a bit far, it’s not a chest full of treasure, but it is a pretty cool Emblem. If you match with Ramez and win, you will receive said Emblem sometime in the following week.

This will be the last D1 Bungie Bounty on PS4. Next week will be the last D1 Bungie Bounty and played on XB1. You’ve got one more shot, good luck!

Movie of the Week 

The PC Beta is only a few weeks away. We’re all extremely excited about our first live fire exercise for Destiny on PC. Tune in next week to learn more about the tuning changes mentioned above, and hear from the team on how to console Beta and our own playtests are influencing the final cycles of developing Destiny 2.

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