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This Week at Bungie- Teamwork, Clans and Raiders of the Lost Arc

Whether you’re facing a Raid Boss or another Crucible team in Destiny, the most important choice you can make before you step on the battlefield is the Guardians you’ll bring with you. Clans have served this function well for many players in our community. Teams dedicated to the game have equipped people with allies for their battles and friends for real life.

If you’re a member of a Clan, you’ll find details below that will help you to unite with your teammates on a new frontier in Destiny 2.

Starting on July 25, 2017, Clan leaders should visit their base of operations on and decide if they want to convert their Group to a Destiny 2 Clan. Clan Founders will be able to transfer their title and permissions to another member who will be a more faithful leader for future adventures. If you have bigger plans for the existing Group that hosts your Clan, you can leave it as is and explore your own community purpose outside of the game. This housekeeping period will last for one month. After that time, new Clan creation functionality will go live on to support Destiny 2. Stay tuned for more information on that deadline.

These Clans will retain their basic structure. To sustain the intimate family feel that makes for good tactical chatter, membership will remain capped at 100 members. Each Destiny 2 account will be able to join one Clan on each platform. Clans in Destiny 2 will enjoy new features in the game. Clans will be the guides of a new community, leading solo players to embrace the endgame one mission carry at a time. You’ll be able to manage your Roster and send invitations to new members right where you play. Every Guardian who calls a Clan home will earn rewards based on the success of their teammates.

These new features required a measure of sacrifice. If your Clan is part of a sprawling Alliance of affiliated fighting units, this evolution in the Clan experience will break that connective tissue on We know this creates challenges for the larger community entities, and we’re already thinking about new and better ways for Clans to lock arms around a common mission. For the time being, we hope you’ll agree that enhanced Clan support will be better for every player of Destiny 2.

Raiders of the Lost Arc 

Teamwork is a virtue for every season, but Summer is a time for an increase in Solar power. Nova bombs will be bursting in air all week long. 

Begins: Tuesday, July 4, 10am Pacific – convert to AEST

Ends: Tuesday July 11, 2am Pacific – as above 

The game is Mayhem Clash!

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