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This Week at Bungie, we invited you to celebrate Crimson Days with us

This week at Bungie, we invited you to celebrate Crimson Days with us.

The decorations are up, the rewards are flowing, and teams of two are waging battle in the Crucible. You can get the full details on the event here. The celebration continues until the weekly reset at 4 AM AEST on February 21.

To download Crimson Days assets, including images and screengrabs, head over here.

When one celebration ends, another begins.

Rally Caps

Faction Rallies is returning next week. The event kicks off at 4 AM AEST on February 21. This time, you can knock out Lost Sectors as fast as you can kill the bosses with no timers to hold you back. Start thinking about which faction deserves your loyalty. New Monarchy has won the last two rallies. Can they three-peat?

New Monarchy

Dead Orbit

Future War Cult

If this is your first Faction Rallies, here is what you need to know. First, visit the Tower and pledge your loyalty to one of the factions. Then, it’s time to set out into the wild to complete various activities. Once you’ve earned enough tokens to qualify for a reward, exchange them for packages full of loot.

There will be some new weapons added to the packages for this event. To check them out, head over here.

Three factions face off again, their fates directly tied to your choices. Will Future War Cult finally win the day?

Fine Tuning

A few weeks ago, Josh Hamrick stopped by to give us an update on Sandbox changes. He mentioned that his visit was the first of many from the Sandbox team and that “this meal will span many courses.” It’s time for the next course.

Senior Designer Jon Weisnewski is here with an update on the Exotic Tuning Pass where our team is working diligently to improve Exotics. To read more, head over here.

Movie of the Week

Straight from the Creations page to your device of choice. The movies are here.

Movie of the Week: Drop the Mic

Honourable Mention: Monster

There are still a few more days of 2v2 action in Crimson Days. And then we roll right into Faction Rallies. The team are always interested in your thoughts and we’ve been collecting some feedback on the Crimson Days playlist here.

For more information, head on over to

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