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This Week at Bungie – We explored Mercury

This week at Bungie, we explored Mercury – in two timelines.

Curse of Osiris will send you to a new destination, where you’ll learn its fate in the past, present, and future. At the heart of the journey is a forest of endless realities.

If you missed it, here’s the recap.

You can also read a summary of the second Live Stream below.

Curse of Osiris – Stream Two – New Ways to Play

In the second Live Stream, players were able to hear from Game Director, Dan Miller and Art Director, Dave Matthews and learn about new activities and innovations to the overall gameplay experience.


  • Biggest Public Event ever: In the Curse of Osiris, players enter a Public Event, which displays life on Mercury and is the largest and most rewarding Public Event we’ve ever created for Destiny

o   Gate-keepers will be the focal point and once killed, players will be able to pick up keys as a way of progressing through the public event

o   With this Public Event, we have different islands which allow players to move around the environment, opening up space to other areas that you wouldn’t normally be able to get to when you’re patrolling

o    If you’re a solo player, Destiny 2 will introduce you to people to help you complete this activity

  • Lighthouse: Players will find significant changes to the Lighthouse…

o   The Forge is a Vex weapon wall which shows players’ progression, helping you build various weapons which can be used as end-game weapons

o   There will be mysteries players can solve and piece together in the Lighthouse space and Brother Vance will provide new adventures, which will be the corner stone for players to explore Mercury

  • Heroic Adventures: Players can challenge themselves with Heroic Adventures, and modifiers are being added to the Adventures which change it up every time you play
  • Story Strikes: Players’ experiences will be changing with Strikes, and in EP1 there will be more Strikes shown as part of the main story which will tell players more about the Campaign
  • Go through the gate to the Infinite Forest:

o   The Infinite Forest is a large Vex simulation constructed to explore infinite possibilities throughout time and is the last place Osiris was last seen

  • The Infinite Forest offers players a different experience every time, and a great experience whether you’re exploring the past, present or future

o   Unlocking the gate: Ikora will set players through the forest in order to find demons and unlock the gate

o   New ways to explore Mercury – players will experience different versions of Mercury as we move through time, with the Infinite Forest acting as a pathway from the present day into simulated versions of the past, present and future, giving a sense of the unknown, of wonder

o   Adventures all have different combat races, i.e. – playing one for the Hive or the Fall and players will have a lot of variety. End caps are all hand crafted. Encounters are custom

  • Up and Up is one of the Adventures which takes you into the future. It takes players from the present day into simulation

Next week, we’re back with a parade of the gear you’ll earn, including some details on new ways to earn it. 

Movie of the Week 

Another week, another round of content found on the Community Creations page. Whether you’re looking for tutorials on increasing your skill or seeking a record of a comedic moment in battle, this is the place to find it. Winners receive the Lens of Fate emblem within Destiny 2 to commemorate their victory. If you’re aiming to earn the emblem, make sure to tag your submission with #MOTW and list any contributors within the video description.

Movie of the Week: ArcStrider PC Montage

Honourable Mention: Fragment 2

Honourable Mention: Shaxx likes puns

Next week, we’ll return with fashion on the mind. Tune in to our Twitch channel on Wednesday, November 30, at 6 AM AEST to get a preview of new rewards coming with Season 2 and the Curse of Osiris expansion.

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