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This Week At Bungie: Age Of Triumph Launch Trailer is Now Live

On March 29, Age of Triumph, the final live update of the Destiny 1 era content will go live.

Age of Triumph is a celebration of the player’s journey through the world of Destiny. Guiding their travels, the largest Record Book to date will contain pages of new challenges to complete for most of Destiny activities.

In addition to conquering the new Record Book, players will be able to experience the return of iconic Raids raised to 390 Light, take on the new Daybreak Nightfall modifier, earn new gear and weapons, collect items of Destiny’s past, and more.

The official Age of Triumph launch trailer is live now and can be viewed here:

In case you missed it, here’s a summary of Bungie’s final livestream on the lead up to Age of Triumph.

Too-Long-Won’t-Watch Mission Brief

  • Each Raid will drop iconic legendary Weapons and Armor up to maximum Light
  • Elemental Primary Weapons are making a comeback as Exotic Adept Weapons
  • Every set of Raid Armor can be augmented with new Ornament Tokens
  • Ornament Tokens and Adept Exotics drop from Challenges in Weekly Featured Raids
  • Treasure of Ages boxes will include new Chroma Armor
  • More fine-tuning for the combat sandbox is on the way!

To watch the livestream on catch up check it out here:

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