Published on March 25th, 2024 | by Howard Smith

Web of Spider-Man #1 Review

Spider Problems

Web of Spider-Man #1 sets the stage for another event about to transpire not just in one Marvel book but across multiple of them. Each character involved in these stories is in for an adventure unlike they’ve ever experienced. Madame Web is back again; this time she senses a looming darkness brewing and cannot foresee it. Left with no other choice, Madame Web insists that Spider-Man 2099 form a team that can face off this darkness coming to tear the Web of Life and Destiny apart. Meanwhile, Ben Reilly, the clone of Spider-Man escapes his prison set up by Madelyne Pryor to follow his path and the Scarlet Spider is hot on his tracks.

Written in many stories combined into one comic book and some appearing to cross over with one another offer more story and adventure. Writers such as Zeb Wells (Dark Web), Cody Ziglar (Deadpool), Steve Foxe (Dark X-Men), Stephanie Phillips (The Avengers), Greg Weisman (Gargoyles), and Alex Segura (Edge of Spider-Verse) give insight into the stories coming in 2024 and they are heavy with rich promises leading into the next year as well. Web of Spider-Man #1 doesn’t center around just one Spider-Man story being told as most of the characters in it are Spider people. As the title inclines, the mantle of Spider-Man is shared across different personalities which happen to be these characters in this massive comic book. The comic book itself serves as a one-shot but ensures that readers are in for a ride. Handled by some of Marvel’s trusted writers, the web of spider-people appears to get a bit hectic if it wasn’t already before.

Moreover, the art for Web of Spider-Man #1 is in fantastic hands. There is little to dislike about any of the artwork shown in this big comic book. With artists such as John Romita Jr. (The Amazing Spider-Man), Eleonora Carlini (Batgirl), Ig Guara (Ghost-Spider), Ed McGuinness (Amazing X-Men), Eric Gapstur (Action Comics), Greg Land (Birds of Prey), Joey Vazquez (X-Men: Blue), and Salvador Larroca (Black Panther) it’s safe to say readers are in for a treat both in 2024 and 2025. Throughout the comic book, each artist involved captures the necessary story elements that allow the story to flow both effectively and a want to know more of what’s happening. Page and panel execution from these artists stands as a testament to their craft in storytelling.

Comparably, each inker and colorist within Web of Spider-Man #1 did a marvelous job of breathing life into the various stories presented in the comic book. Although most would agree some art in the comic book is better than others it’s important to note each artistic style suits that specific universe and the characters that reside in it.

Before rounding about the cover artwork, it’s important to recognize the amount of work and dedication Travis Lanham (Action Comics) has contributed as the letterer of all the stories displayed in this one comic book. Serving as the only letterer, Lanham’s work helped each story feel enjoyable to read. The cover art by Greg Capullo (Dark Nights: Death Metal) and FCO Plascencia (DCeased) is marvelously illustrated.

Overall, Web of Spider-Man #1 is fun to read. It allows readers to catch up on the next phase of Spidey stories. If you’re interested in knowing what may be coming ahead for the heroes check this out at your local comic book store or online where copies are sold.

Writers: Zeb Wells, Cody Ziglar, Steve Foxe, Stephanie Phillips, Greg Weisman, Alex Segura

Artists: John Romita Jr., Eleonora Carlini, Ig Gura, Ed McGuinness, Eric Gapstur, Greg Land, Joey Vazquez, Salvador Larroca

Inkers: Scott Hanna, Mark Farmer, Jay Leisten

Colorists: Marcio Menyz, Arthur Hesli, Arif Prianto, Matt Milla, Frank D’ Armata, Edgar Delgado, Guru-eFX

Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham

Cover Artists: Greg Capullo, FCO Plascencia

Editors: Nick Lowe, Ellie Pyle

Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

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