Published on September 12th, 2020 | by Tony Smith

We Love You, Magoo Book Review

We Love You, Magoo Book Review Tony Smith

Summary: We Love You, Magoo is a fun book about a family pooch that comes to life with this stories wonderful and colourful illustrations.


A dog story!

By Briony Stewart, We Love You, Magoo is a celebration about a family dog called Magoo who thinks his family no longer loves him anymore. This of course is not the case but from the perspective of Magoo, it definitely looks that way. In terms of story, the book is very well written and illustrated from the perspective of our little pooch which really tugs at your emotional heartstrings.

While Magoo would love to have bacon and eggs for breakfast, he must have dog food! When his family is about to go on a drive, he jumps in the front seat but is told to go back to his home. Magoo just wants to have fun, play and be part of the family but it seems like he just can’t get a break.

He drinks water from the toilet, only to be told off AGAIN. Is the entire world against Magoo?

Then one day he receives a present from his owner but it can’t be true! For Magoo? Needless to say, Magoo gets super excited when he discovers that the present is for him and more importantly, his family loves him to bits!

Final Thoughts?

Briony Stewart successfully captures the intricacies of a family dog and how they are an integral part of our lives that is written well and comes alive with its colorful illustrations.

Highly recommended!

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