Published on February 4th, 2018 | by Andrew Bistak

I am a Warrior Goddess Book Review (Jennifer Adams & Carme Lemiscates)

Written for girls between the ages of 4 to 8, I am a Warrior Goddess is powerful book about being a strong and powerful girl as we follow her to become a warrior goddess and a hero to those around her. The book definitely channels that inner Wonder Woman psyche and is very well written by Jennifer Adams who creates a very positive role models for girls. Complementing this story is the amazing art of Jennifer Adams which does have parallels to Merida from the Disney film Brave. However what we enjoyed about the art was the emotions and feelings she managed to capture, particularly from our little warrior goddess.

Each page is dedicated to a particular element of the warrior goddess which starts by this young girl proclaiming that she is a warrior goddess. It also highlights how she respects not just those around her but the planet by greeting the sun each morning or even training for ‘battle’ (e.g. playing) and how she belongs to a family of warriors. So while each activity during the day is a celebration of the warrior goddess, the story ends with our little hero going to sleep as the next day awaits with another adventure for this strong girl.

Final Thoughts?

Beautifully presented, I am a Warrior Goddess promotes girl-power in a very positive way as we are welcomed into the world of this young girl who respects all around her, including mother Earth. The words are powerful and the images literally jump from the page as children will be drawn into this strong story about a little warrior goddess who promotes respects and strong self-esteem.

Highly Recommended!

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