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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III: Annihilation Update arrives with new modes, free content on June 21st

Dawn of War III players will soon be challenged to wipe their foes clean off the map as the game’s Annihilation Mode arrives in Australia on June 21st. The new mode will offer a classic take on RTS multiplayer, bolstered with the arrival of buildable turrets, a new map, and free skin pack.

New Modes – Annihilation

Annihilation is great for those looking for a classic multiplayer feel, but is also a perfect playground for squaring off against the AI. The game isn’t over until one team has lost all of their core structures, giving you lots of chances to rebuild for the comeback.

Annihilation with Defences will give you a head start in base protection. Faction-specific turrets will defend your base from predetermined locations, buying you time to build up your army.

In Annihilation Classic, you don’t start with turrets but you can still build them if you’ve taken one of the new doctrines.

Annihilation Mode Overview Video

New Doctrines – Buildable Turrets

Speaking of turrets, three new doctrines – one per faction – will be added and unlocked for all players. Pick this as one of your three doctrines before a match, and you can build defensive turrets wherever you need coverage. Better yet, these doctrines will be available across all multiplayer modes and maps, not just Annihilation.

New Skins – Engines of Annihilation

House Raven – Imperial Knight Paladin: Close allies of the Techpriests of Mars, the Imperial Knights of House Raven stand against the enemies of Man, bringing devastation to challengers.

Exalted – Ranged Wraithknight: Shining in specially designed wraithbone, the Exalted Wraithknight is a glorious agent of the Craftworld.

Deathskulls – Gorkanaut: Deathskulls are the premier looters and scavengers among the Orks. This Gorkanaut is the ultimate junkyard manifestation of their love for destruction.

Engines of Annihilation Skin Pack Video

New Map – Mortis Vale

All existing multiplayer maps have been retrofitted to play host to Annihilation showdowns, but we’re also releasing Mortis Vale – a fresh battleground designed to shine in this new mode. Its gothic atmosphere sets the tone for war, and its open design allows for strategic assaults. Mortis Vale will be available for both 2v2 and 3v3 matches across all modes.

To learn more about Dawn of War III, and to keep up with future updates, be sure to head to, and follow Dawn of War on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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