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Wargaming Reveals WG Labs

Work on Master of Orion inspired the company to launch an innovation platform

August 3, 2015 — Wargaming is excited to announce WG Labs, a lean and agile platform designed to foster innovation within the videogames industry. This platform will support external development teams in game creation and publishing, as well as generate, evaluate, and launch in-house products that go beyond the company’s paradigm.

WG Labs is interested in seeing playable prototypes and Alpha/Beta/Pre-Release versions of games. There are no restrictions in regards to platforms. WG Labs is looking to collaborate with development teams who are able to deliver a truly exceptional product in line with their own vision. In this partnership, WG Labs provides support in game production, monetisation, analytics, marketing, customer services, QA, as well as other areas.

“Working with NGD Studios has been a very positive and rewarding collaboration,” said Victor Kislyi, Wargaming CEO. “Thoroughly impressed with their work, the project served as inspiration for us to create an actual innovation center within the company. WG Labs is set to become a breeding ground of ideas that inspire and resonate with both consumers and companies, and allow us to further foster partnerships like this.”

To learn more about WG Labs and also submit your project, please visit:

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