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Wargaming Launches ‘Battle in APAC’ The Fight for your Nation Has Begun

November 3, 2017 — Tankers eager to display their prowess and pride for their country can showcase their ultimate battle skills in Wargaming’s brand-new ‘Battle in APAC’ competition.

For the first time ever, ‘Battle in APAC’ will see World of Tanks players across Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and South-East Asia play a series of weekly missions to determine which country is the mightiest and earn a spread of rewards. One of the most notable prizes will be 50 Alpine Tigers to be awarded to the top 50 players who’ve completed the most missions overall.

Wargaming General Manager APAC, Jungwon Hahn, is calling on players to get back in their tanks and register for the first mission, which launched on November 1.

“Every week there will be individual missions which provide rewards for completion – the more missions you complete, the bigger the rewards. But the most attractive prizes will be awarded to the country that completes the most missions.

“So I’m calling on all tankers to participate in the ‘Battle in APAC’, and prove which country has the best players and clans. This is a chance to fly your country flag with pride, and fight for your nation!” said Jungwon.

To complete the first mission, players must win a Random or Grand Battle in a Tier 4 or higher vehicle, while finishing in the top 10 by EXP.

‘Battle in APAC’ runs from November 1 – November 30. For more information or to register for the ‘Battle in APAC’ visit

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