Published on February 15th, 2024 | by Andrew Bistak


Fans of Mark Millar’s action-packed franchises will soon be able to collect some of these hit series in the deluxe, oversized hardcover Library Edition format from Dark Horse Books. The Library Editions of Wanted & Big Game and The Ambassadors will be available from local bookstores and comic shops in fall 2024. These are part of the extensive publishing partnership announced in December 2023, to include collections of previously published Millarworld material as well as five new series in 2024 including a Nemesis comic series, Nemesis: Rogues’ Gallery, and other titles yet to be announced.

Wanted & Big Game Library Edition

The first book in the Millarworld universe, Wanted became the starting point for an entire universe of comic books and movies. Big Game returns as a sequel to the original story, set 20 years later and touching on characters from Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl to The Ambassadors and The Magic Order. Featuring stunning art by JG Jones and Paul Mounts (Wanted), Pepe Larraz and Giovanna Niro (Big Game), with new cover art by Larraz and Niro.

Followsupervillain assassin, Wesley “The Killer II” Gibson and his protégé Matthew Anderson, aka “Nemesis,” as they gather the forces of The Fraternity to oppose a new age of heroes before they can save the world. Wanted & Big Game Library Edition provides both action packed stories of the nefarious Fraternity and its league of mad scientists and deadly assassins as they attempt to keep superheroes from ever rising up again.

Wanted & Big Game Library Edition is a deluxe, oversized (8”x12.875”) hardcover volume collecting 344 pages of intensity, arriving in bookstores September 10, 2024 and comic shops September 11, 2024. Pre-order from your favorite comic book shop, bookstore, Amazon or Barnes and Noble for $59.99.

The Ambassadors Library Edition

The world’s greatest and most ambitious superhero comic needs the world’s greatest comic book artists. Frank Quitely, Travis Charest, Olivier Coipel, Matteo Buffagni, Matteo Scalera, and Karl Kerschl introduce a new cast of characters from Millar’s Netflix sensation.  Presented in a hardcover volume collecting 176 pages, The Ambassadors Library Edition includes a newly designed cover and dust jacket featuring artwork by Quitely.

You’ve cracked the superhuman mystery and can give superpowers to six different people around the world. Who will you choose? Each of the ordinary people vying for a chance to become super explains their circumstances and extraordinary reasons for why they should be chosen for greatness.

The Ambassadors Library Edition comes to bookstores and comic shops in deluxe, oversized (8”x12.875”) hardcover volume on November 12, 2024 and November 13, 2024, respectively. Pre-order your copy from your local comic book store, bookshop, Amazon or Barnes & Noble for $49.99.

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