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Vertigo Games, the VR specialist publishing and development arm of the global Koch Media Group, shared a new video during the PS VR Spotlight event today, giving a behind the scenes look into their upcoming VR action FPS After the Fall. Scheduled to launch on Oculus Quest, PlayStation VR and PC VR platforms, After the Fall is a VR action FPS that has intense 4-player co-op gameplay at its core. Players will team up in cross-platform multiplayer as they take on a hostile, frozen dystopian world in a raging fight for survival.

Watch as some of the lead developers on After the Fall and Arizona Sunshine dive into the combat and enemies of After the Fall in the new video here

After the Fall is set in the frozen aftermath of an alternate 1980s Los Angeles where the use of experimental  substances meant to give humans more resilience against the new ice age created the ferociously mutated, undead snowbreed instead. Twenty years later, mankind is driven underground and its survival now depends on Harvest Runners; survivors who are courageous enough to venture out into the snowbreed infested frozen wasteland to bring back vital supplies. Armed with full VR motion controls, After the Fall makes players feel like a slightly overpowered 1980s action hero as they wield devastating weapons with real life movements in a weapon handling experience designed to satisfy even the most veteran VR players.

With intense 4-player co-op at its core, players join forces with other survivors across all major VR platforms as they venture out into enemy territory and take on huge hordes of snowbreed. Watch out for the more twisted types; from towering brutes that can instantly flatten you with a strike of their huge ice fist to decapitators that will grab you by the neck to pull you off the ground. No mission will play the same twice and taking on the snowbreed is a team effort as players will need to work together to survive the cold and hostile world of After the Fall.

Learn more about what being a Harvest Runner means and discover some of the different types of snowbreed you’ll be facing and the weapons that will help you take them out in our developer post on the PlayStation blog.

Developed by Vertigo Studios (Arizona Sunshine) and published by Vertigo Games, After the Fall is coming to Oculus Quest, PlayStation VR and PC VR platforms in Winter (AU) 2021.

To stay up to date about all things After the Fall, wishlist the game and register on for a chance at closed beta access.

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