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Summary: An enjoyable and entertaining read that will leave you craving space froot.


A helluva trip!

Gabe and Ana, the last two humans alive in the galaxy are journeying to the hippie-paradise planet of Euphoria. With a bounty on their heads and quickly running out of fuel and space froot, this ragtag duo quickly tries to wrangle their way out of  a bad situation and on the road to freedom!

This issue begins with Gabe and Ana, two psychedelic froot chomping ratbags, syphoning fuel from a truck. Their conversation quickly turns to squabbling, as they argue over who works the fuel pump, with Gabe making the observation that Ana is high and has no idea how to use the pump in the first place. They are abruptly interrupted by the driver of the truck, who confronts them about the fuel line and the suspicious situation they find themselves in. Ana quickly spins a tale about how they stopped some space pirates from stealing his fuel. Able to turn a bad situation around, Ana proves she has the gift of the gab, and manages to wrangle out of this sticky situation, whilst scoring some free fuel in the process. Once inside their flying space campervan, they chow down some space froot and talk about their plan of making it to the hippy-paradise planet called Euphoria…sweet man. However, their blissful high is rudely interrupted by the police, and after doing a runner, Ana totals their ship. So, the search for a mechanic begins, but before they do they decide to head to the local bar and get high. Unbeknownst to them, they are being hunted, as there is a bounty on their heads, as someone wishes to squash their free spirits and put an end to their psychedelic adventure.

Well, this was one hell of a roaring trip of an introduction. There were many laugh-out-loud moments in this first issue, mainly focusing around the shenanigans and hilarious banter between Gabe and Ana. I loved the playful and bubbly energy that Ana brings to this duo, and hearing her wax philosophical about the universe and freedom made me smile. She actually reminded me of some friends from my youth, who could talk for hours about their idealistic beliefs on how the world should be. I also found that Ana’s passionate personality contrasted nicely to Gabe’s, balancing out the fiery intensity of Ana’s. They work really well together, and I enjoyed how they bounced energy off one another. This story, however, isn’t all about goofing around on a psychedelic road trip to paradise. There is a darker side to this narrative, that we only get to glimpse at in this issue. We learn that they are being hunted by a mysterious figure who wishes to put an end to their free and vibrant spirits…what a dick!  This guy couldn’t look any more like a bounty hunter even if he tried, he’s also mentions that humans are dangerous and depraved, which is interesting and ironic seeing as he himself is a ruthless and brutal killer.

The art by Plaid Klaus is vibrant and filled with a playful sense of energy. Klaus perfectly captures the feeling of euphoria that the space froot gives anyone who consumes it, and I particularly loved the blissed-out faces of Ana and Gabe when they are high. There is one particular hallucination sequence that is outlandish and hilarious, and a riot of colour on the page. Being the last two surviving humans left in the universe, means that we get to see a lot of weird and whacky aliens dotted throughout this issue, making it all a visual feast for the eyes. We also get to see some bleak, but beautiful landscapes as well, which contrasts nicely to the high tech and aliens that we see. The colouring is radiant and bright, with a wonderful sense of light and texture achieved through the haze-like grittiness that is applied throughout the issue. I thought the colouring during the trip sequence to be effective also, with a bubble-gum palette dominating these scenes.

Void Trip #1 is an enjoyable and entertaining read that will leave you craving more. The characters are perfectly suited for one another, giving off a vibrant and bubbly energy that will have you in stitches. I’m very intrigued by their mysterious pursuer and why he wishes to ruin the fun for them and what this might mean for their future plans. If you’re looking for a fun-filled space adventure with a bunch of space froot munching crazies, then grab a copy and enjoy the trip.

I’m giving this issue 4.5 space froots out of 5!

CREATIVE TEAM: Ryan O’Sullivan and Plaid Klaus
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
PUBLICATION DATE: November 22, 2017
REVIEWER: Dana Folkard

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