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VIDEO: Far Cry 4 Behind the Scenes Video Part 1

How the development team brought kyrat to life:  Behind the SceneS VIDEO part 1 

Go behind the scenes with the research that went into building Far Cry 4’s open-world Kyrat for the next-generation. The team travelled to Nepal with VICE to draw inspiration and create authentic Kyratic characters and environments native to the region. Far from the tourist trail, theyencounter people whose stories can help an outsider better experience the fabric of lifethere, both culturally and politically.

In the first video the development team explains what motivated the trip and what they expected to see in order to recreate the most immersive gaming experience ever. Their first steps lead them in a country where the crowded and polluted cities mix with deserted and intriguing sceneries. Through sacrifice, they experience the spiritual traditions with disgusted and yet thrilled eyes. And finally, they meet a veteran Gurkha – Nepalese soldiers whose training is beyond thinking – who introduces them to Kukris, the emblematic weapon of Far Cry 4.

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