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Varidesk Mat 36 Review

Varidesk Mat 36 Review Admin

Summary: The Varidesk Mat 36 is a great additional to your standing desk that not only reduces fatigue but is comfortable and has proven health benefits.


Stand tall!

Supporting your journey from traditional desk to standing desk is the Varidesk Mat 36 that has been designed by this company to support your feet, knees, hips and back while using your standup desk. Although the Mat 36 can be used with any standing desk, it has been created to use in conjunction with one of the excellent standing desks from Varidesk. With that in mind, we tested the Mat 36 with Varidesk ProPlus 36.

While the Varidesk Mat 36 might look like a humble “standing” mat, in actual fact it is a durable mat cushion that provides additional support and comfort for your feet that in turn, translates the benefits to your knees, hips and backs. So unlike most floors which are generally carpet on concrete or if you’re lucky wooden falls, this surface is quite harsh for standing for long lengths of time and by using the Mat 36, it reduces this strain on your body and of course, fatigue.

So does it work?

After using this product for the past several weeks with the Varidesk ProPlus 36, I must admit that it does allow me to stand for longer periods of time and more importantly it does feel more comfortably than just standing on the normal floor. Another highlight of the Varidesk Mat 36 is the size which is 24” x 36” or in Metric 61cm x 91.5cm with a thickness of 1.5cm that is more than ample for your standing desk needs. It also has a non-slip bottom for tile or wooden floors (including chair mats) plus beveled edges that work and doesn’t feel like a tripping risk at all. While an unassuming looking product, the Varidesk Mat 36 definitely delivers.

Final Thoughts?

While this may seem like a “mat”, the Varidesk Mat 36 is actually a decent product that I cannot fault and really worked well with our standing desk. So if you’re in the market for a standing desk and need something to help with the transition, then the Varidesk Mat 36 may be the right solution for you.


For more information, please visit https://au.varidesk.com/en-au/products/standing-desk-antifatigue-mat-36



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