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Vanessa Ray Interview (Rumperbutts Movie)

Welcome to Impulse Gamer Vanessa!


You’ve been in some serious dramas such as Blue Bloods and Pretty Little Liars, what was it like unleashing some inner comedy in RUMPERBUTTS?

Oh man, it’s pretty silly stuff, huh? It kind of felt like I was goofing around with my junior high school friends when Rent came out. Just all nerd all day long. Thank god for Adrian just going for it with me.

What’s your favourite part of THE RUMPERBUTTS?

I love the Mates of State stuff.

Can you tell us what RUMPERBUTTS means and how did the writers come up with it?

The Rumperbutts is the name of a fake children’s touring band. Ala the Wiggles. I actually can’t tell you how or where it came from! Haha! Marc is a twisted gentleman.

So what does your character Ashlee get up to in THE RUMPERBUTTS?

All the nonsense. She’s a fame hungry, delusional, painfully eager sort of girl. She’s like the girl your boyfriend dates to get back at you for breaking his heart. Does that make sense?

What was the most challenging part of filming the movie?

The fear that I’d miss the train from the city to Connecticut. For real, I’m no good with transportation. That and attempting to not fall down the stairs in heels in the musical number.

Most rewarding?

Not falling down the stairs in the musical number.

With the comedic aspect of the film, how do you keep a straight face?

Oh, I really didn’t. I should have been fired.

Tell us about that awesome song that you sing in the film?

Mates of State wrote it. It’s very bouncy and different than their cool music.

How would you sum up the film in 25 words or less?

A ridiculous, silly take on the after and before math of a relationship.

Can you tell us what else you’re up to in 2015?rumper

More of the same! Blue Bloods is picked up for season 6. So I’ll be headed back to New York soon. Oh and I’m getting married.

Congrats and thanks for your time Vanessa and all the best with THE RUMPERBUTTS


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