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Unlock the Secrets of Psychological Thriller PAST CURE with New Cinematic Trailer and Reveal of Original Theme Song

PAST CURE is a dark tale that follows Ian, a former soldier turned lab experiment who must face his demons — both inside and out. Search for the missing pieces of Ian’s mind in a game where action and stealth-based gameplay meets mind-bending telekinetic abilities; unravel the mystery and explore a world where the line between dreams and reality is dangerously thin.

Introduce yourself to Ian’s world by checking out the PAST CURE Cinematic Trailer here .

In addition to the Cinematic Trailer, Phantom 8 Studio has also released today a full track from PAST CURE’s original soundtrack. Belgium electronica band Seiren and lead singer Charlotte Jacobs developed the game’s haunting main theme song.

The full track is available to listen to here

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